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Fran, Formula 1 and USA: Now that’s the real engagement

Fran, Formula 1 and USA: Now that’s the real engagement

Not 400,000 in three days, but 380,000. Rose Brown He resumed precisely the exact numbers of the public who bought tickets between Friday and last Sunday in Austin.

He has the interest of those who are interested, Liberty Media is working to expand the presence of Formula 1 In the United States. Miami in 2022, then points to one of the opportunities Las Vegas is in talks to host the Grand Prix in 2023 At least part of it runs on the popular “strip”.

“It’s been a wonderful weekend, with a lot of sales every day, fantastic weather, great weather and amazing records of the place. Now, We see the strong engagement of American fans. Formula 1 has been a cult pastime in the United States for many years, but now we are seeing a real increase in involvement. Fans know the drivers, the characters, and the intricacies of Formula 1, Comments Brown.

Always show parallel?

Netflix was instrumental in triggering the invention of Formula 1 behind the scenes, introducing it through different channels than usual. Linked to the question The “glamor” of the product. Fortunately, Austin makes an excellent contribution Writing races that are always the most interesting, where action is not lacking. One wonders if the American public, accustomed to spectacular genres such as NASCAR and IndyCar, can build a long-term “confidence business” towards Formula 1, which will write the least exciting race on a Miami citizen. . 2022 single seats, may help in this regard.

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Two species and more

Bron – and all Liberty Media – meanwhile are enjoying public success, what will be (and what will not be) after Miami? “Fans know the drivers, the characters, they know the ins and outs of Formula 1. I think it’s exciting and it shows how. Formula 1 could easily run two races in the United States, perhaps even more so, Considering the interest of the fans we enjoyed this weekend “.

As for the entertainment on the sidelines of the US GB, it is clear how it was designed to suit the audience with stars and lines: from the outline to the start, to the introduction of Shock O’Neill to bring the trophy to the stage. , Introduced in a very sober convertible manner Long horn.

Author’s Editorial: Austin Power

“A lot of things happened over the weekend and there were things like that Shaquille O’Neill An impressive Texan Longhorn came on stage with the trophies. We talked quickly and it was over He is a kind of motor fanatic.

This is usually the US weekend, and we like races like this. It is a pleasure to be so close to a city like Austin, and it is a great pleasure to have 380,000 fans come over the weekend and create a great atmosphere..