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“More certificates are canceled in technical subjects and unemployment”

“The Vicenza companies can’t handle the orders not because they lack energy, but paradoxically because they can’t find employees.” A problem that cannot be considered merely an emergency, but must be faced with a long-term change of vision, starting with awareness: “If there are more graduates and graduates in STEM subjects (STEM – science disciplines – technological and related fields of study) in Vicenza There may be zero unemployment among young people.” Lara Pessin, Vice President of Confindustria Vicenza in charge of human capital, stated during the presentation, at Cnr in Rome, about the national Vicenza Making Future project. They have a guaranteed place even before they finish their studies.The point is that they are very few, often because there are preconceptions regarding technical schools and also why female students are not suitable for this type of training.Preconceptions that, thanks to initiatives like Vicenza Making Future, we want to unmask, and to show what it means to do with science and technology.” All the speakers at the National Research Council emphasized that this time requires a change of vision. For Representative Alicia Rota, a member of the Action Committee “This transition is necessary But it wouldn’t be possible without all the actors on board.” According to Mauro Mazzi, Cnr Engineer, “Today we are able to obtain information in a very short time, but the strategy is no longer based on individual search but on collective search. We must be daring, be curious, and not be afraid of obstacles.” “For us – Stefano Franchi, General Manager of Federmeccanica – stated, it is a priority to invest in mentoring projects for future professions targeting schools that include students, their families and faculty. In the orientation course, which should be part of the educational path from the first years of school, it is necessary to highlight the attitudes of young people, their way of learning, the characteristics of changing work and the skills required. One of our goals is to raise awareness of the value and importance of stem materials, to create skills aligned with the needs of companies. Digitization and technological innovation help us overcome many preconceived notions and stereotypes also related to gender.” But a change of mindset is also going in another direction: “In my ideal world there are no longer peers, but interlocutors: we all work for one goal, focusing on what He unites and not on what he swears, to guide change, I do not follow it.” “Like the Pleiades – concluded President Lucio Biondaro – we are called, as science communicators, to be a bridge between institutions, businesses and the educational community to create a continuous and direct line between needs, opportunities, and the ongoing changes that occur in society.”

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