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Fabio wins 50 thousand euros?  Drenched in criticism – Libero Quotidiano

Fabio wins 50 thousand euros? Drenched in criticism – Libero Quotidiano

Big victory over the guillotine in the ring the legacy It was broadcast this evening on Rai 1. The winner was the champion Fabio, which had five terms available: until, motives, ideas, final and galaxies. The prize money, which Fabio was able to take home, was a good sum 50 euro miles. The winning word that the champion guessed was clash. A standing ovation in the studio, both from the audience and the host. Marco Liorni.

If there were those who praised the new champion, on the other hand there were those who considered his victory unfair. The reason lies in the stage that preceded the guillotine, the stage One hundred seconds. It is a game in which two competitors pass the ball to each other by answering different questions. Whoever has the snitch in his hand when the bell rings goes straight to the guillotine. However, the game is not appreciated by everyone, because even those who gave the fewest answers can become champions.

L'Eredità, the usual magic number: Everyone is angry after the guillotine |  look

“He didn't do anything. Not a challenge! Not one word in 100 seconds and he wins!”, wrote for example one user on platform X (formerly Twitter). Instead, another said: “Sorry, he wasn't answering, he could have counted to 10 and made the mistake of not knowing the 10th letter of the alphabet… Then he only gave one correct answer in 100 seconds… and it took '50,000 euros' for the house, but… Good at guillotine. And still:Very unfair! I'm thinking of suggesting that we take both competitors to the #guillotine and also give the second one the chance to find the word. Obviously second” or “I I can not Talk, “This game has lost its meaning.”

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