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Flight Simulator arrives on Xbox - and that's why it's a real hit!

Flight Simulator arrives on Xbox – and that’s why it’s a real hit!

Are you ready to experience the most next generation game available for yourself? Here are some good (but not only) tips for getting the most out of the Microsoft emulator.

flight simulator Finally about to appear Xbox Series S | X, which is a very important first time because Microsoft address always works on PC only. Plus, this isn’t just the beginning of a single game or series, but an entire genre – how many relentless flight simulators have you seen on consoles? It must also be said that with Flight Simulator on Xbox, regardless of taste, millions of gamers will be able to get their hands on a next-generation product without a doubt. Not only from a graphic point of view, but especially in the way it uses the latest technology to deliver an unparalleled experience.

High-flying innovation

It’s inside flight simulator That we are seeing for the first time exploiting the cloud to the fullest extent possible, in fact thanks to the constant flow of data we can see the entire planet recreated on a scale of 1: 1 and without occupying several petabytes on our hard drives, which they cannot contain even if they wanted to. Then there is a file machine learning, another technology that is used in Flight Simulator in a completely different way than usual: it is AI that takes care of recreating city buildings when no other new and unusual technology is used, such as PhotogrammetryFound only in some cities and regions. The use of Bing satellite maps is also phenomenal, in the truest sense of the word, although Google didn’t go very far with Google Earth VR. And with Flight Simulator, we are talking about a simulator that also has a surprisingly faithful reproduction of atmospheric phenomena, all in real time: if you look out the window, it is very likely that there are very similar conditions in the game.

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Crazy, undoubtedly crazy and revolutionary. From what we hear, especially chatting with readers, there are surprising expectations towards this game, moreover thanks to game arcade Everyone will be able for the first time to try what many of them did not have the courage to buy. However, in front of the great visuals that are presented, it is also good to approach Flight Simulator with a certain coolness because, as always, what shines is not always golden.

this is my home!

Flight Simulator: Sometimes we imagine working with Doctors Without Borders, bringing medicines to the most remote places on the planet, while others are struggling private jet pilots with rock bands who want to get to Las Vegas as soon as possible…

The most important thing to say, and in our case we repeat, is that the pictorial analogy is not applied to every city, and even where it has been used, it does not necessarily extend beyond the classical centre. We know that the first thing you will do after downloading the game is to fly over your house. Don’t be shy, everyone does it and I did too, to tell the truth, I still do it tastefully even almost a year after coming out and from my first flight. So know that disappointment is around the corner, if your street is recreated via satellite and with the help of machine learning, you will easily recognize the nearby street, yard and park, but your house may be an anonymous automatically generated building. On the other hand, if you are lucky enough to live in an area reproduced with photogrammetry, everything will change: you will also see and recognize your bathroom window, balcony, and in some rare cases even the car you parked near newsstand number 2 years ago.

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Correct control device

Flight Simulator: Rest assured, without the risk of actually falling apart, keeping these trinkets on the fly isn't difficult at all.  Instead, it will be learning to understand and use the devices on board.
Flight Simulator: Rest assured, without the risk of actually falling apart, keeping these trinkets on the fly isn’t difficult at all. Instead, it will be learning to understand and use the devices on board.

Having said that, there is still time for some good advice for those who can’t wait to start fluttering around the world. For example, and this is especially true for Xbox One S users, be prepared to free up a lot of hard drive space because the game takes up more than 100GB and needs more free space to use as a cache on the fly. The extra space available to it can be tweaked in the options, but the advice is to leave it to the limit anyway. Whereas if you have a favorite route, you can preload it and forget about it. But you need space, a lot of space.

It is also right to give an answer to the most common question that is asked of us, whether a simple board can be used to play. The answer is a sure yes flight simulator The Xbox pad is enough even if, with this alone, you won’t be able to fully enjoy what this simulator can offer you. Flight Simulator requires many switches, on top of that the cockpits of the plane are interactive and not at all convenient, if not impossible, to move the cranes, and rotate the tools by riding them with the board. Precisely for this reason, the console version of Flight Simulator, just like the PC version, will also be compatible with a mouse and keyboard that we recommend using at the same time as the board. Unless you are content to fly without a lot of ideas, of course, with at least difficulty and are free to do so, to enjoy the game as you see fit.

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nature trips

Flight Simulator: Transylvania is not like England...
Flight Simulator: Transylvania is not like England…

Finally, to get started, the advice is to run straight to the first tutorial, which will teach you the basic basics, and leave the second one for planes until later, when you feel like you can take the plunge. Then, in addition to flying where you want the most, we strongly advise you to look at the beautiful natural excursions, the flights consisting of several stages in the VFR flight, and therefore on the horizon, which in addition to teaching you other very important aspects gives you the opportunity to visit the wonderful places that the flight log will describe Very interesting stories often. For the rest, allow yourself to be inspired: some time ago, while watching TV, I came across a documentary about some island in the Pacific Ocean where the most dangerous volcanoes in the world murmured, and the first thing I did was write the name to visit them “in person” through flight simulator. The nice thing is that the larger island is also famous for its constant storms, which are as persistent as they are violent. All this was a prelude to an unforgettable adventure that allowed me, with Wikipedia on my tablet, to learn many things about a place I had never heard of (for the record, it’s the Vanuatu archipelago).

And for now, that’s it. Fasten your seat belts as we are about to start descending towards the airport.