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Aloy's new adventure on PS5

Aloy’s new adventure on PS5

Unrecognizable to San Francisco. Nature becomes luxuriant and dominant, and the remains of mankind are nearly submerged in water ruins that are more evident than ever before. Beautiful look, world Horizon is forbidden west, So colorful that, between the fiery foliage and the ocean purity, it looks pure from almost any form of pollution. However, the land Aloy is moving on is again very sick. There is a strange plague spreading on the surface, A storm – both metaphorical and literal – ready to strike the rest of humanity. As animals and the planet gradually lose their lifeblood, tribes of men and herds of mechanical beasts clash for supremacy.

More than a thousand years away, this glimpse of the future was projected in all its visual splendor during the last game state: i 14 minutes of Horizon Forbidden West on PlayStation 5 It highlights a production of unimaginable technical depth that – at least on paper – also appears to be able to perfect the fun formula for Episode 1 (here you can relive Horizon Zero Dawn Review). As the development team reiterated, what emerged from the event is nothing but the tip of the iceberg for an adventure that seems to be intended not to be limited to its intersecting nature, to be swept away and mesmerized by a breathtaking graphic and artistic framework. Just like Aloy’s magnetic eyes.

San Francisco ruins and new exploration

The horizon that was erected before our eyes is difficult to forget. Giant skyscrapers stretch from the rocks to the sky, While groups of volatile organisms known as Solcasole cross the landscape. It’s an image that knows how to be attractive, not only for a high-end tech show, but also – and perhaps above all – an art design with tremendous communication power.

In Horizon 2’s San Francisco, nature is back, And the look gives an almost calming effect, with palm trees enriching ruins of a ruined civilization and seagulls that, like Solcasole, drive away from the shore. But it doesn’t take much to realize this Forbidden West It’s definitely not a postcard sight: a small squad of Squarciavento is patrolling the area, and as if that wasn’t enough – the Tenakth tribe, already known to fans of Episode 1, has learned to ride machines.

Aloy must fight against these mechanical beings to follow in the footsteps of her friend Irend, in possession of an artifact that can help the protagonist better understand the mystery of the red plague that kneels the world on its knees. The kidnapping of a man by the Tenakths is an opportunity for Guerrilla to demonstrate key elements of Horizon 2’s gameplay, which are no different from the stylistic elements tested in the predecessors. If the basic architecture remains the same, consisting of exploration, climbing, stealth phases, and open combat, the quality of the hilarious individual components appears to have changed in this sequel. While roaming, Aloy can sneak into tall grass, climb on metal animal backs after being tamed (just like in Title 1) and climb some surfaces: The impression is that in the Forbidden West, more emphasis has been placed on the setting up verticals, In favor of super dynamic in the cross-scenario stage.

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The supplied scanner allows Aloy to instantly highlight surfaces to grip onto to start climbing, emphasizing that climbing – again – isn’t completely free (like any Assassin’s Creed, so to speak), but is limited to some specific points, appropriately remarkably.

The same feeling occurs when using the hook hook, which appears to be only capable of attaching to special barriers. While waiting to understand just how much this restriction affects the fun and freedom of exploration, we admit that the idea of ​​sticking only to pre-defined columns and branches doesn’t particularly excite us. From the tops of the scenario designed to improve verticality, you pass in a flash to the depths of the ocean: Aloy can dive under the water, For escaping from opposing patrols or for the fall of the sea floor, is simply fascinating to admire as well as rich in flora and amphibious fauna, including mechanical nature, specifically by Foraterra.

The movement’s most trotting step is also the ability to exploit the momentum and currents underwater to maximize your swimming speed. Here, among the underwater shots, lightning-fast rides and crossings with grappling hooks, Forbidden West It appears to be able to increase the success of its exploratory moments: regardless of what appears to be the limitations of the still somewhat outdated climbing system, it must be recognized that with these small precautions, moving around the Horizon universe can definitely be more appealing.

Especially if we consider the existenceAlaskudo-Three-dimensional tool is useful for sliding from great heights, covering long distances without scapeculars and, if necessary, striking enemies by surprise. And just like exploration, gameplay also appears to have undergone well-targeted refinements, aimed at re-calibrating the experience without drastically altering it.

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Gameplay seems to be perfect

Horizon 2 Gives the idea of ​​being a suitably finished extension of Zero Dawn’s fun framework. One of the less exciting elements in Chapter 1 was the battles against the rival tribes, which are certainly not unmanageable or unplayable, but not quite in line with the qualitative peaks of the other aspects of the production.

We honestly saw very little to be able to express ourselves properly, but everything seems to indicate that the hand-to-hand combat system has benefited from a major improvement: in addition to the effective return of the bow in long-range combat, Spear fencing looked less stained than in the past, More flexible and acrobatic. Without touching the game with your hand, it’s impossible to evaluate with facts, however we are confident that Guerrilla has brightened some of the edges, in order to make the fights even more exciting. The team is talking specifically about Various and tactical battles-Designed to allow the player to try different styles based on the enemies in front of him and the tools available. In this sequel, Aloy gets a chance to take advantage of some special and specific moves Rapid ValoroseWe are talking about a variant of Ultimate that is subject to custom tape consumption and accompanied by cinematic and rather playful animations.

Between exploding spears, smoke bombs, smashing arrows, sticky grenades, and weapons to be recovered on the field, the protagonist’s arsenal promises to be varied enough to warrant different combinations of attacks, not to mention the ability to upgrade every tool on the workbench: In doing so, Horizon duels 2, Whether against Machines or Against Tribes, they can have large additional gear compared to those in Zero Dawn.

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The petite coach fights with the formidable Tremorzanna Then he demonstrates Guerrilla’s attention to amazing action: a battle made of environmental destruction, fast dribbles, divine slow motion, and riots with mind-boggling effects. In short, the sense of epic is extremely high, and we hope it stays the same for much of the adventure.

A game between two generations

You brought us up to 14 minutes of gameplay Positive feelingsIt is also true that there are some questions for which only time provides a correct answer.

First of all, there remains an aura of ambiguity regarding the narrative component: although the trend seems to us quite optimized compared to that of Zero Dawn, the lack of scenes in dialogue with NPCs during the gameplay situation invites us to ask if it will be There are actual adjustments to the constant that characterized the previous chapter’s conversations. We also don’t know what an Graphics rendered on PlayStation 4Neither how well DualSense implements and what effect it has on immersion, nor how much variety we can expect from the map and the extent of the explorable playing area. What emerges right now is the profile, an open world adventure, however conservative its playful canons, but with an heady optical strip, in a triumph of particle effects, ambient sounds, and sudden attention to detail (like Tremorzanna’s claw which, instead of touching the ground, is anchored On the defenseless body of a previously wrecked car, without penetrating it, but rather interacting dynamically with environmental obstacles).

After this first taste, Forbidden West at Horizon 2 It is therefore a destination that we very much want to visit with precision. Even at the expense of facing the storm.