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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Could Divide More, 'Unknown Entities' Won't Work -

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Could Divide More, ‘Unknown Entities’ Won’t Work –

Final fantasy 7 rebirththe second part of the FF7 Remake trilogy, may move further from the original story, according to a new statement from one of the game’s developers, as Anonymous entities will not be able to act To keep the schedule unchanged.

Motomo Toriyamathe game’s co-director, wrote on the Square Enix blog dedicated to Final Fantasy 7 Remake: “As we read at the end of the game, ‘The Unknown Journey will continue,’ and Cloud and his friends will be on the road for a little while longer. From now on, the unknown entities will not be able to act to keep On the original schedule, so fans can look forward to seeing what kind of future awaits the team.”

The unknown entities, which you can see in the image below, are creatures that appear in Final Fantasy 7 Remake when Cloud and the other characters try to do something different from the original game. It is not clear what its nature is, but it has an important role in the remake. But in the end, they seem to lose their power.

The Unknown Entities of Final Fantasy 7 Remake

The fact that in Final fantasy 7 rebirth Its absence indicates that Claude and the others will be able to act freely and these creatures will not be “forced” into the original plot. Obviously, that doesn’t mean the narrative will completely change, but the Square Enix team may have taken some extra liberties.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is not a simple, graphically updated version of the original game, but a kind of reimagining that will also somehow take into account what happened in The essence of the crisis, which came long after the original chapter. And Crisis Core is about to return, remember, with a reboot called Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion.

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