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Sony fears Microsoft and fears gamers will switch to Xbox even without exclusives -

Sony fears Microsoft and fears gamers will switch to Xbox even without exclusives –

Sony He told the UK’s antitrust agency he feared that if Activision Blizzard was acquired by Microsoft, players would Call of duty Move to X-Box Regardless of the exclusivity of the series. the reason? The benefits they can get in terms of content.

Sony mainly fears that Microsoft will do what Call of Duty has done over the past few years, which is offer players bonuses that make it more attractive to play the series on its platforms, such as the early availability of Call of betas. Duty: Modern Warfare II on PS4 and PS5. The difference is that in this case, Microsoft would do it as the owner of the franchise, while Sony had to make agreements with Activision Blizzard for certain franchises, as Microsoft itself did in the Xbox 360 era.

In short, Microsoft’s assurances about preserving the multi-platform Call of Duty franchise were not enough for Sony, which fears a coup Privileges The payment has been made over the years, as revealed by the English Antitrust (CMA) in a long document, where it can be read:

“SIE told the CMA that even if CoD games remain available on PlayStation after acquisition, the resulting entity can still block the franchise in part by increasing the differences between the versions of CoD available on Xbox and PlayStation. At SIE, players expect CoD to be included on Xbox with additional content and improvement Interoperability with console hardware, as well as the advantages of XGP members. These factors, SIE said, can influence players’ choice when purchasing consoles.”

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