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Few people know that in order not to rot the cherry, it is enough just to use this ingenious trick

Few people know that in order not to rot the cherry, it is enough just to use this ingenious trick

Cherry is a classic fruit the summer Loved by young and old alike, and who we look forward to enjoying all year round, they are irresistible.

This fruit contains many substances that give us extraordinary beneficial properties, with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect.

Cherries are perishable fruits, in fact it is recommended to eat them fresh or within a maximum of five days of being harvested.

We reveal, however, that few people know that in order for the cherries not to rot, it is enough just to use this ingenious trick.


As we have said, for those who do not know, it is possible to prolong both the quality and the appearance, thus keeping it for up to two or even four weeks.

When we go for their selection, we prefer the firm ones, which have a bright color and a greenish base.

It is desirable that the color of the cherry be mostly red, almost brown, after which we will go to wash it.

The water should be especially cold, in this way we will lower its temperature, avoiding quick drying.

We’ll go dry it carefully and put it in Refrigerator, arranged in plastic bags for food, at a temperature of 0-4 degrees.

This way we will be able to prolong its freshness for weeks, without wasting time and above all money, and avoid having to throw it away.

Whereas if we simply want to keep it in good condition for a few days, and avoid it from rotting, just keep it in the fridge, always in plastic food bags.

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We will only have to wash it before consuming it and it will be ready to be enjoyed at any time of the day.

It’s incredible, but few people know that to prevent cherries from rotting, you only need to use this ingenious trick.

Curiosity of

It is good to eat them during this period, precisely because they can help protect the skin from sunlight and pollutants.

This fruit is really a panacea for everyone, because it gives our youth and delays the formation of wrinkles of our enemies.

In addition, it promotes natural tanning, because by eating them we take in carotenoids and mineral salts in large quantities, which, in turn, protect us from sunburn.