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HoloLens for U.S. Army, Deliveries in September

HoloLens for U.S. Army, Deliveries in September

Microsoft Will begin serving the U.S. military from September. The U.S. Army will wear the modified version HoloLens, A well-known observer for mixed reality. That was in early April News release Beginning of production. Redmond Company will withdraw the money $ 21.88 billion For more than 120,000 visitors.

HoloLens for the U.S. Army

Microsoft engineers developed a specific version of the HoloLens after attending a series of meetings at a military base in North Carolina. Device, which is a IVAS .

The Army tested various prototypes at Microsoft labs in Redmond. Their concept was later used to create the final version of the headset. It happened through the exchange of information Microsoft Teams and Power PI. Engineers met the demands of the military (robustness, waterproofing and attack resistance) and moved some sensors and redesigned the edge of the glass.

The device is controlled by a “compute bag” worn on the players’ chests. In addition to mixed reality technology, it also supports the military version of the HoloLens Night vision, GPS and thermal imaging. The spectator can be used during training as well as on the battlefield. There is a digital viewfinder, which allows you to see what you see in the scenes of the weapons.

Delivery of the headset will begin in September. It will initially be worn on the feet by the military, but in the future it will be used by soldiers inside vehicles.

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