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Embarrassing photo of a former prime minister in disarmament - Libero Quotidiano

Embarrassing photo of a former prime minister in disarmament – Libero Quotidiano

Politically immobile, like his watch. Giuseppe Conte Goes a guest in the studio from Giovanni Flores a Tuesday And this dog Franco Peches He immediately realized the idiot of the former prime minister. On the timeLawyer photos with the beautifulhour On the left wrist, which, however, always points to the same watch, gives life to an evocative political comparison: “Appendix broken The ideal symbol for a leader unable to make a decisionIn short, “Conte is still in time”, as the headlines of Romanian newspapers.

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The detail is an unexpected sign of the oligarch of a man who has made elegance a bit flirty, pimp and mysteriously antique (see, witch Bag which always appears from the jacket pocket or Sliced ​​strand 1950s) major political figure. Just like Facebook live streams that lasted dozens of minutes to say nothing or nearly anything new compared to the previous one, even appearances built the premiere image during pandemic year. Sophisticated, flawless, blank.

Now, however, Conte has been called upon to a task perhaps more difficult than managing the epidemic, because if in recent months, for a long period of time, he has had the whole city “quiet and good” to listen to, and too quiet not to disturb the operator, now that he will have to repack 5 star movement Expect stabs and traps at every step.

A decision maker would be needed, which was never due to its nature and political emergencies (see, the two different heterogeneous majorities who supported it). Thus “from the identity of the new party to Fighting On the double mandate – the newspaper managed by Bechis still sums up – Giuseppe himself asserts that it is temporary.” Best wishes and advice: change the battery every now and then, you need.

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