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The bonus of €200 for employees is not automatic: here is the self-certification to get it

The bonus of €200 for employees is not automatic: here is the self-certification to get it

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(Click on the dots above the relevant box and then select Save/Print) To take advantage of the incentive, employees must apply for it from their employer. Remuneration requirements: total income of less than 35,000 euros, falling within the category of workers who in the first four months of this year received a deduction from social security contributions up to 0.8 percentage points, as required by the Budget Law 2022, and not be a pensioner Pensioner or citizen income earner (because in this case the bonus will be paid by INPS). The bonus is one time per family and cannot be requested from many employers if you have different business relationships. The application form must contain personal data, tax code and name of the employer and you must prove that you meet the above requirements. With the self-certification, prepared by the consultants, the company or the employer is absolved of any liability, giving full responsibility to the worker if he declares a lie.

Who will get the reward automatically

– Those who automatically receive the €200 bonus are pensioners, those with income from citizenship and the unemployed, who will receive it mainly from INPS.

Workers who will have to apply

– Except for employees (including the self-employed), who will have to submit a self-certification, and categories such as retired or unemployed, all other workers will have to submit an application. with a gross income of less than 35 thousand euros will always have to submit an application to INPS. For domestic workers, it will be necessary to apply at welfare institutes and obtain a Pin Inps, Spid, National Service Card (Cns), or Electronic Identity Card (Cie). For professionals in the tourism, spa, leisure and sports sectors, who have seasonal or limited-term employment, it will be 200 euros automatically if they receive the allowance stipulated in the Covid emergency decrees. Those who work sporadically or show workers enrolled in the Recreational Worker Pension Fund, who have provided services for at least 50 days or paid 50 daily contributions in 2021, must submit an application to INPS. Finally, for the self-employed, a dedicated fund of €500 million will be created, which will be distributed on the basis of income criteria that will be determined by another ministerial decree.

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