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Amici 2021, Aka7even breaks the silence on Martina


After weeks of silence, Aka7even He first talks about Martina Melide And their history was born on Friends 2021A surprise for the fans. The singer and dancer were my protagonists in an intense love story at the Maria de Felipe School.

A love story characterized by quarrels and constant pushing and pulling, b Often enough to cry And determined not to lose Martina. It was the latter who ended the relationship, admitting that he was feeling something RaphaelAnother competitor for Friends 2021. Akaven, who initially suffered a lot of farewell, is convinced today that ending the relationship with the dancer was the right choice because the feelings he felt were so. Affect its course.

Singer who was just during some discussions with Martina Threatened to drop out of school From Amici 2021, the song for the girl I miss you. “It reached a point where my state of mind affected my work – I admit during the day -. I didn’t want it but it happened. What I felt affected the work. But I’m glad I got out of it, that’s the most important thing.”

Martina left school for the sake of friends During the evening. His dismissal came after a series of tests and criticisms of him Alessandra Celentano, Aka7even pushed forward and only think about music. Today, the Kantians are ready for the final, in which they will face San Giovanni, Didi, Julia and Alessandro. An important achievement that he achieved thanks to his passion for music and his coach Anna Bettinelli, who clashed with him several times.

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Meanwhile, Martina clarified her relationship with Akafen and admitted to hanging out with Raphael away from the cameras. “Our story ended inside the school – the dancer explained -. I did not want him to suffer, there was not just infatuation. He stayed with me through thick and thin. Today I remain in a good relationship, I wish him luck.” Regarding Raphael, on the other hand, he added: 2 I don’t regret anything. I take what happened to me. “


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