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Ferrari 812 Special Edition, first photos and official information

Ferrari removes the veil from the special edition of 812 Superfast. After months of spy photos and videos and various rumors, we can finally have a first look at the new limited edition 812. Ferrari The official car will be unveiled, along with many other technical details of the car, during a live social media event scheduled for May 5.

Nevertheless, we do have the first official information on the V12 engine and approved solutions to make this Ferrari one of the most extreme cars ever.

Altering skin and aerodynamics

Compared to the “Base” 812 Superfast, the Special Edition is almost like another car. The main goal of the engineers was to give the model its own personality in relation to the starting car. To achieve this and manage the additional power of the engine, the design has changed a lot and we can know the arrangement of the air intakes.

If they were integrated into the hood next to the headlights, we now find them inside a more dangerous grille. Also new are the air vents on the front and rear wheel arches to allow the brakes to better absorb heat during tough sessions on the track.

The back is the one that has undergone drastic changes. The rear window is completely covered with a hood and is equipped with an air vortex generator, a formula patented by Ferrari.

Ferrari 812 Superfast Special Edition

The diffuser has been completely redesigned and is now larger and features square tailpipes in the corners. The LED headlights are also different: the round shape is “cut” by an oversized spoiler.

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The interior maintains the 812 Superfast. Some elements have only been redesigned to reduce the vehicle’s weight.

More power, more control

What makes this model even more special is the engine. The 12-cylinder engine delivers an impressive 830 hp, or 30 hp more than the regular 812 Superfast. The top speed reaches 9,500 rpm, a record for Ferrari’s thermal engines.

To achieve these values, many of the powertrain core elements have been redesigned. For example, an innovative valve timing mechanism was introduced and a new exhaust pipe was selected.

Ferrari 812 Superfast Special Edition

However, strength would not be a thing without control. So the Special Edition could adopt an independent four-wheel steering system to improve flexibility and precision when entering corners. Weight has been reduced thanks to the extensive use of carbon fibers on the exterior and interior, version 7.0 of the Vehicle Dynamic Control System Side slip control.

We don’t yet know how many units will be produced, but Ferrari notes that the model is intended for a small group of collectors. All that remains is to wait until May 5th to learn more about this amazing 812 model.