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Superlega, niente rivoluzioni: siamo inglesi

Super League, no revolutions: we are Englishmen. The role of government and public opinion

Public opinion on the one hand, Boris Johnson on the other: The Premier League project was banned by England. It is the country where football was born, but it is not a conservative opposition. The English Premier League example, the core of the “British” mentality: change without revolution, fair play in competition


Just over a year ago Boris Johnson Discharged from hospital after being in intensive care H. After risking his life due to Covid-19. Described as an eccentric and unscrupulous politician, he took a deadly and even unscrupulous approach to the pandemic. He was on the edge of a political precipice. He apologized, in his own way, and changed: a The lockdown is among the most severe in Europe, Pubs have closed for over a year (in England!). Now, albeit just as harsh for some, The battle of the vaccine is won, too, With nearly three-quarters of Britons receiving their first dose. The same Bo-Jo who, at his first hint of Superalloy’s birth, stood with extraordinary stiffness For a corporate man, without first looking at polls and approval.

Government and public opinion are united

We do not know how much the British government’s “moral persuasion” affected the decision of the Six to withdraw from the Superlega Project, and we do not even know how serious it was, but it certainly provided fundamental support that, in addition to public opinion, was exasperated at an idea light years away from the English mentality. All around London, they don’t like revolutions, but they like change a lot: There is a big difference. Perhaps the six English club owners (for the vast majority of non-English speakers) would suffice to read “Middle England” by Dee Jonathan Coe, To understand that England is a country with a very special and irreducible soul, flowing silently but always ready to emerge.

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Innovation but without revolutions

Marx worked in London, raising the specter of communism for Europe, but the British preferred the Fabian society, devoted to Quintus Fabius Maximus, known as “temporal”, unlike the proletarian revolutions. The United Kingdom is where the free market, competition, and the only revolution was born was the Industrial Revolution. But always called “fairplay”, one of the real words that is hard to translate into Italian: fairplay is more consistent than “fair competition”. And for this very reason, they love the vulnerable (another word that is difficult to translate, as it happens), or at least they let them have their chance.

Premier League example

Protection work by the British? That may be the case, it is not up to us to judge. But if we look at the history of the past thirty years, which league has recovered from the painful and tragic backlines to become the most beautiful, exciting and more open to competition in Europe? The Premier League was able to innovate without denial, it made powerful decisions (Beyond the exaggerated narrative and historically opposed to that of Thatcher), he constantly added to change but always kept the door open for participation (see: How the Prime Minister’s Revenues Are Redistributed).

I apologize to the fans

Look for another league that can deliver many big matches per weekOr any other country that enjoys a popular moment in the National Cup at its deep core: in the sea of ​​rhetoric that often accompanies football, the phrase “the magic and magic of the FA Cup.” This word is too rare to hear “apologize.”“We apologize,” Arsenal said to the fans, and the Liverpool coach repeated it, “It has a much stronger meaning than a pure formalism.” “Sometimes something good happens to you, sometimes something bad happens to you, and a lot of times something really strange happens. This is England. We have to get over it” (JCo “Central England”)

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