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Ferragni effect, post a photo of the hotel and there is a problem: “Forced to remove everything”

Ferragni effect, post a photo of the hotel and there is a problem: “Forced to remove everything”

Chiara Ferragni Champoluc

In today's digital landscape, dominated by the constant flow of information and interactions on social media, personality Chiara Ferragni It appears as a clear example of how online popularity can swing between opposing extremes in the blink of an eye. With a follower base exceeding 30 millionFerragni recently tried to test his popularity with an initiative that turned out to be somewhat counterproductive, highlighting the challenges of new influencer reputation management following the Pink Christmas Pandoro case and related investigations.

Everything revolves around herHotel de MascognazAn exclusive hotel located in the picturesque Val d'Aosta area. As a guest at the hotel for the weekend, Ferragni posted a photo on Instagram: what should have been an innocuous tribute post but sparked an unexpectedly negative reaction from the Internet. A hotel representative, who chose to remain anonymous, told… Red shrimp All the astonishment and disappointment at the torrent of negative comments caused by the post, to the extent that prompted the organization to remove it from its Instagram account. “Of course, we asked to participate – a woman from the facility was answering the phone – but it all happened during the night: they bombarded us with messages and insults and we had to remove everything.” Meanwhile, the 'Feragni effect' on the hotel is also being discussed on social media.

It's difficult to pinpoint Ferragni's strategy for getting back to the top at the moment. After weeks of complete silence on social media, she returned after Christmas to share some snippets of her life with her followers. However, at the moment, comments are expertly filtered and only very positive comments appear. A move to “test the waters” of an individual's online image that could work on their own Instagram profiles, but not on others. “Another hotel manager in Courmayeur called us to ask if we would like Chiara to spend the weekend with us,” she explains. Red shrimp Hotel Manager – And we said yes, why not? That's how it came to us. After all, anyone can come here, whether Chiara or the homeless person, we are a hospitality structure open to the world. “Unfortunately, we are sorry that hatred exists in the world.”

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the situationHotel de Mascognaz It's not isolated. Similar examples, such as the reaction following Matteo Salvini's visit to a Romo pasta factory, illustrate how media exposure, even if unwanted, can quickly turn into a negative feedback loop. These cases highlight the importance of wise and strategic management of online endorsement and reputation, in a context where the line between positive notoriety and negative repercussions is very thin.

What is surprising is the way Ferragni has dealt with these dynamics. Acting without any sponsorship contract and personally funding the initiative (in fact he appears to have paid for the weekend out of his own pocket and videos are shown writing #noadv), the influencer has explored new approaches in influencer marketing, the effectiveness of which can prove double-edged. This episode highlights the need for public figures to maneuver carefully in the social media sphere, where reputations are subject to sudden and often unexpected changes. Something similar actually happened at the Hotellerie on the occasion of welcoming former French President Sarkozy, even if “our structure was not as famous as it is now.”

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