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Harry Styles as Mick Jagger? Stone Leader Brakes: “I like it but…”

Mick Jagger Put an end to those who say it Harry Stiles Be new: Long time singer “as it was” Compared to the leader rolling stonesa little for the similar attitude during the performance, the movements on stage, the appearance and even the charisma.

interview by Sunday timesAnd Mick Jagger He said he disagrees with those he is comparing:

I love Harry, we have a good relationship. I wore more eye makeup than he did. Come on, I was more androgynous. He doesn’t have a voice like mine and he doesn’t move on stage like I do. It’s only a superficial resemblance to my younger self, which is a good thing, he can’t help it.”

Mick also appreciated the words Harry expended on his behalf: in the past, Styles actually proclaimed Jagger to have always been one of his greatest musical influences, identifying the leader of the Stones “The coolest man on the planet.”

Meanwhile, Harry continues to conquer one record after another: Last May 20 he released his usually third album, Harry’s houseis already at the top of all charts and streaming platforms, with all thirteen songs comprising the disc occupying the top thirteen positions in UK, USA and the world; the only one”as it was “ In less than two months passed Half a billion plays.

Cover photo: La Presse

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