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Do you want to place the sink under the window?  Pay attention to these details, they may make your life difficult

Do you want to place the sink under the window? Pay attention to these details, they may make your life difficult

Do you have a beautiful window in the kitchen and want to place the sink under it? Be very careful, here is the hidden reason.

when Buying a new homeThere are some items that you should take care of so that you do not risk anything in the long run. Starting from choosing the style you want to give to each individual room, with color shades and flooring that can fit as closely as possible to your needs. Then we move to the furnishings, which is another essential factor.

What factors do you need to pay attention to under the window –

However, sometimes, it may also be necessary to change the arrangement of any furniture and appliances to better manage the spaces. More and more people in recent years decide, for example, the position The sink in the kitchen is under the window. If you also feel this need, Be very careful about these details. Because it can make your life more difficult in the long run.

Sink under the window, a detail that should be paid attention to

Place the kitchen sink under the window It can lead to enormous benefits. Such as the possibility of enjoying natural light, which allows you to adequately illuminate all spaces without having to use a lamp. So you can save on your bill. Plus, you'll have a nice view to distract yourself while washing the dishes.

Sink under the window, pay attention to these details, they are not trivial –

However, you should take into account some factors. beginning of loading and unloading water, Which you can simply get if you find yourself building the property from scratch. However, it is more complicated if you have to design a kitchen that replaces the previous one.

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Also pay attention to the height of the window and the distance from the sink, because the mixer must be placed in such a way that it Do not prevent the window from opening and closing. With a distance of at least 20 cm and a threshold height of 10-12 cm above the sink.

You talk organizing spaces, The tip is to insert the dish drainer behind the mixer or next to the sink. Perhaps evaluate space-saving or custom-designed solutions, which have higher costs but will give you the opportunity to place dishes in a smart way.

Finally, take into account The appropriate window type for this solution. Such as sliding doors, fixed glass, upper and lower doors, casement windows, and transom windows. With the waterproof and moisture-resistant window, you will have completed a custom design for your kitchen and will be ready to use it without problems.