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Roberta and her mother, Giovanna, have not met each other for 10 years. what happened after that


Roberta and my mom Giovanna She has not been in a relationship for 10 years. The latter turned into You’ve got mail to achieve peace.

Let’s find out what happened and above all what happened after Canale 5 episode.

There is mail for you on February 19

What will happen in the episode There is mail for you February 19? You will be one of the most beautiful events with the TV broadcast via Mediaset. Not only for the stories we will be watching but also for the guests who will occupy the studio.

The guests for this episode of From There Email are: Polynesian comedians Bio and audio The footballer and captain of Napoli, Lorenzo Insigne. Everyone will surprise some very special people and they will bring gifts with them, as usual. The first story to unlock the episode will be one of these two.

With Pio and Amedeo there will certainly be laughter and it is still unknown to whom the two comedians decided to deliver the invitation. As already happened with Luciana Littizzetto, their choice to send mail to fellow entertainers cannot be ruled out.

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Even more exciting is the story we expect to see during Lorenzo Insigne’s surprise. The Italian soccer player will arrive at Maria De Filippi’s studio looking more stylish than ever in an all-black suit.

Other stories from there mail for you

As always, there will be not only gift stories with celebrities, but also stories of simple and ordinary life. We just have to catch up on the February 19 episode to get back to the action at There mail for you.

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There’s mail for you: Roberta and her mom, Giovanna, haven’t seen each other for 10 years

The two cut ties when Giovanna She left her husband and after a while she met another man and went to live with him.

Mom didn’t tell her daughter, who was 37, the fact that she needed her privacy. when next Roberta I discovered the truth that I felt betrayed and abandoned.

In the end , Roberta He wanted to open the envelope by promising to restore an honest relationship with his mother.


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