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F1, Racing Bulls: Introducing Red Bull commentary |  FP – Formula 1

F1, Racing Bulls: Introducing Red Bull commentary | FP – Formula 1

Written by Carlo Platella
We'll have to wait for the on-track debut to find out the real looks of the Racing Bulls, which have only now been revealed through digital renderings. However, computer graphics depict the RB-01 equipped with Drawbar front suspension, unlike the pushrod that characterized the latest AlphaTauri model. It's a highly credible change, even though the Racing Bulls have yet to make their public debut.

Faenza-Milton Keynes axis

Since taking over as CEO of the Red Bull Group's second team, Peter Beyer has repeatedly emphasized his desire to strengthen cooperation between Faenza and the original team. Bayer's vision includes a Greater sharing of ingredients Between the two teams and exploiting organizational opportunities as much as possible. The front suspension was the first suspect carried over to the new Racing Bulls, which for the first two seasons ran under ground effect regulations with a push-rod front design, unlike the Red Bull.

The first confirmation comes from renderings of the RB-01, which were released after the launch event in Las Vegas. The pictures show exactly the same front suspension Red Bull Drag World Champion, with anti-roll kinematics to stabilize the bottom position during braking. Reversing the suspension on Racing Bulls would also entail remanufacturing the chassis, which was necessary to move the spring shock absorber assembly from the upper to the lower body.

Analysis: Details of the drawbar front suspension on the new Racing Bulls

New aerodynamic philosophy

Faenza will become the fourth team on the grid to fit a tow bar front suspension, in line with Red Bull, McLaren and Sauber. The Swiss team itself has switched to a tie system for 2024, a choice explained by technical director James Key: “From a mechanical point of view, it's a compromise. A mechanical engineer would never draw it that way. It's a pull rod, but it's not a nice way to activate the internal springs. If we do it it's for aerodynamics. With this generation of Formula 1, The suspension is an aerodynamic device Instead of simple wheel support.”

In the current generation of Formula 1, the front suspension arms are the only elements that come between the wing and the lower attachment, and play a crucial role in regulating flows and managing turbulence. So reversing the suspension pattern means a Aerodynamic structure reconsidered Which comes closer to the center of the car and the venturi channels, illustrating the change in philosophy. Therefore, the Racing Bulls' first public appearance will have a double reason for interest, both to confirm the purchase of a Red Bull drag bar and to see how the underbody and bodywork will be adapted accordingly.

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