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Android 15 will make your smartphone function much better: all new features

Android 15 will make your smartphone function much better: all new features

The countdown to Android 15 update is almost complete. Lots of new features: Functionality that will make smartphones better.

One of the harshest criticisms faced by those obsessed with it MelvoniniBut not only that, what they do for Android owners is just that Google It releases few updates to the world's most widely used operating system.

Android 15, there is not much left to update the operating system from Google –

True, it must be said. Equally right and correct as the Giant's strategy Mountain View Which can be summarized Few but good on the poster Regarding the operating system for devices and tablets, with specialized user interfaces TVs, Cars, hours wrist, Eyeglasses, etc., it works. Great moment.

Countdown to Android 15 It's been going on for a while, and it's about to end. Not everything is known, but a lot is known. And they really are Many new features To update the operating system designed by Green Robot. A feature that greatly improves smartphones.

Android 15, multiple app pairs can be saved. But the turning point for smartphones comes from Bluetooth technology

Almost everyone agrees that Android 15 brings back i Lock screen widget And the ability to save multiple application pairs. Users may also see a Private Space window to allow people to save sensitive apps in it. The addition is almost certain Advanced section on battery status To give users better visibility.

A cool feature of Android 15 has been revealed
Green Robot, Google's Android brand –

Among the new features expected for Android 15, there will be the introduction of a page dedicated to “Share audio“Which will take advantage of him Oracast function From the Bluetooth LE Audio standard, something that was discovered in Android 14 QPR2 Beta 3 and cited by Android Authority.

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Following this line, and thanks to finally more performant Auracast, Android 15 will simplify the process of transmitting audio to nearby devices, Using Bluetooth Low Energy technology Without the user having to perform a complex pairing procedure. The new standard, available for the first time with Bluetooth 5.2it even allows you to do that Connect multiple headphones to a single source Thanks to Android 15, everything will become simpler and more intuitive.

The page, which was also discovered by Android Authority in Android 14 QPR2 Beta 3, will be accessed through the path Settings > Connected devices > Contact preferences. In short, with the new Android 15 update, it will be much easier to share or connect to nearby LE Audio streams easily. There are a few months to go When the next generation of the Android operating system is launched. And curiosity increases every day more and more.