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F1, Mercedes considering waiving appeal - OA Sport

F1, Mercedes considering waiving appeal – OA Sport

We broke up like this: Mercedes has decided to file an application on intent to appeal the Commissioners’ decision to dismiss the second protest (the protest relating to 48.12), addressing the Paris Federal Court. The finale of the Formula 1 World Championship 2021 in favor of Dutchman Max Verstappen, was strongly contested by the Brackley team. The object of the protest was the way the race direction worked when the safety car arrived at the last car race in Abu Dhabi.

The articles of the Sports Regulations that led to the Brackley team’s protest were as follows:

• 48.8 – “No driver shall have the right to overtake any vehicle on the track, including the safety vehicle, until it has crossed the line for the first time after the safety vehicle has returned to the pits“.
• 48.12 – “All cars turned around by the commander must overtake the cars in the driver’s lap and the safety car“.

As is known, both calls were rejected by the hosts and that’s why Mercedes has expressed its willingness to make another call. However, as I mentioned before timesThe Anglo-German team is assessing the possibility of waiving the appeal. According to the regulation, the team has 72 hours to provide more evidence to launch a new investigation.

According to the British newspaper, There is a kind of resignation on the part of the three-point star also for the consequences for the image that the brand itself can have. All that remains is to wait for confirmation in this regard.

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