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“With Biden, you get shot by a sniper.”  Cruciani without brakes on the Magi

“With Biden, you get shot by a sniper.” Cruciani without brakes on the Magi

Mosquitoes June 6, 2024

In the last episode of Mosquitoes, Giuseppe Crociani Thus, he commented on the businesswoman’s conviction Elisabetta FranchiI The case of Ricardo Maggi The British Medical Journal study was reported in the newspaper the truth.

“So guys – began Crociani – we are in a crazy episode. Let’s start with some news that has pissed me off like a snake. I’m talking about Elisabetta Franchi, a fashion entrepreneur who I want to embrace. Franchi has been sentenced to compulsory training courses, re-education in her company, etc. A fine of 5 thousand euros from the Labor Court Only because two years ago she expressed her intention to hire only people over 40 years old to avoid motherhood problems. We’ve gone crazy. In my company I hire whoever I want!”

Then the Radio 24 host touched on the issue of parliamentarian Ricardo Maggi: “There is a gentleman, a parliamentarian of the Republic, and I also believe a candidate, whose name is Ricardo and whose surname is Maggi, from the United States of Europe, an extremist. He went to Albania, where Meloni was also visiting one of the future migrant centers to be built in Albania. This man appears with a clear provocative intent to create an incident, and is thinking of approaching the Prime Minister without problems. The Prime Minister’s bodyguards and lawyers apparently removed him, after which he protested that they had manipulated him. “In another country, if you get close to Macron or Biden, they might shoot you with snipers.”

Finally, Crociani commented on an article published in the newspaper the truth: I read to you the title of an article published in the newspaper edited by Maurizio Belpietro, which is supposed to make Mr. Parenzo understand something. A study published in the British Medical Journal. Lockdown and vaccines, suspicion. “They may have caused more deaths than Covid.”

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