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Exploring Mars on Foot: Here's the New Training for Human Extravehicular Missions on the Red Planet

Exploring Mars on Foot: Here’s the New Training for Human Extravehicular Missions on the Red Planet

In light of upcoming missions to Mars, astronauts train in environments very similar to those on Earth. Thus, in recent days, as reported by many newspapers on the Internet in these hours, a simulation of a mission to Mars has been carried out in Mach-Ramon, a very large crater with ecological characteristics similar to those of the Red Planet.

Mars mission in the Negev desert: details (Photo RaiNews)

The earth is actually colorful Reddish, especially dry and little water, where is located in Deserto del Negev. The experiment was specially organized by the Austrian Aerospace Forum (SASIK), writes Ray News, in cooperation with the Israel Space Agency (ISA). what is he talking about?

Mars (Photo IlMeteo)
Mars without water (Photo IlMeteo)

Explore Mars in a foot simulation of the Martian surface in the Negev Desert

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They participate in the Mars project You are astronauts who will remain in seclusion at a very small base until the end of October, so for about twenty days, and who will live in conditions very similar to those they will find someday when they will be able to set foot on Mars. The six astronauts are all European, and they come specifically from the countries of Portugal, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Israel, and they will remain in these conditions, as described above, until next October 31. During their stay in the Negev desert they will be able to Leave the base in spacesuits only, As if they were on an unknown planet and in a way to learn about the use of heavy and special clothing in hostile environments. The mission was named AMADEE-20 Mars simulation, It is run by a support center located in Austria, and aims to conduct experiments in light of new future human and robotic exploration missions on the Red Planet.

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According to Haaretz, the six astronauts will have to complete the tasks during their stay on “Mars”, in particular 24 searches, Including “dealing with the state of atmospheric pollution – as Ray News writes – in an arid environment that has never been exposed to any human influence; the physical repercussions of the astronauts’ diet and what states of anxiety or depression may develop among crew members”. Gernot Groomer, “The Ramon crater in the Negev desert presents conditions very similar to those that astronauts might actually encounter on Mars,” commented the managing director of the Austrian Space Forum. He then added and concluded: “The structure of the soil, the harsh weather conditions, and even the type of minerals present in the soil are characteristics that make the Israeli desert region in which the training takes place similar to Mars. Hence the decision to make it a site for research and also to conduct tests on rovers and robots in the field.” .