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But which Olympic village?  Maria Adelaide should go back to being a hospital

But which Olympic village? Maria Adelaide should go back to being a hospital

But as an Olympic Village for the upcoming Universities: Maria Adelaide should be used as it always was before the shutdown, which took place in 2016, that is, as a hospital. The Turin Doctors Union and the Annau Asomed Trade Union say that, convinced that the reopening and conversion into a regional structure represents a great opportunity to equip an underserved region and with high health demand with a new public health centre, to effectively utilize European funds already prepared, to pilot an innovative model of care, Which can become a model at the national level. Official assistance to Aurora District Residents’ request – implemented by the grassroots association Let’s Reopen Maria Adelaide – to reuse the entire structure as a community home and regional aid community hospital.

Reasons for choosing
Several reasons are offered: the northern Turin region is among those with a high degree of social anxiety and also inequality in terms of health and life expectancy; Most of the regional services of the city of Turin in the ASL are concentrated in the provinces south of Turin, so there will be a real need to build new structures; The Pnrr (National Recovery and Resilience Scheme), which uses European funds already allocated, provides for a specific chapter of €7 billion for the creation of “community homes” in the territory and for the promotion of “intermediate health care”; Maria Adelaide Hospital is already a building intended for medical use; The spaces allow for a community home and community hospital, two innovative regional health projects that will make Turin and Piedmont a national model.

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“Appreciate what is there”
Hence the situation: “It seems incomprehensible to us the project of using Maria Adelaide as an Olympic village for the upcoming Universities, with the subsequent transformation into a university residence, depriving the territory of an important public health facility, while there are instead other deserted sites suitable for this Purpose (for example, former Ballada castings and Astanteria Martini) ».