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GF Vip, girlfriend of Amedeo Gorria silences Gwenda and Manila Nazzaro

GF Vip, girlfriend of Amedeo Gorria silences Gwenda and Manila Nazzaro

Big Brother VIP

Vera Miales responds to criticism after breaking into Italy’s most spying house

Vera Miales, girlfriend of Amedeo Gurria, reappeared. after visiting Big Brother VIP In a wedding dress, the 36-year-old model and businessman reappeared on social networks. On Instagram, he shared several stories in which he responded to the criticism of the past few days. Not many appreciated his appearance on Alfonso Signorini’s reality show.

Moldova initially responded to Manila Nazarote, who was sharply criticized in the lair of Cinecittà partner Amedeo Gurria and her desire to advertise at any cost a fake pregnancy. “Dear Manila, do not continue to judge me if you do not know the facts and do not know what I have been through. You are neither a judge nor a lawyer! Find other topics to attract attention!”Vera argued.

Miles repeated this for the thousandth time Carry myself, or rather hysterically. It is a clinical syndrome in which a woman believes she is pregnant even though there is no real conception. This belief is associated with physical alterations and objective symptoms, such as nausea, which can mimic beautiful expectations.

Amedeo Gurria’s girlfriend confided on social networks that a hysterical pregnancy is a consequence Shock last summer With a former sports journalist. Couple robbed while on vacation: A bad blow to both, who just wanted to spend a few relaxing days on the Cote d’Azur. Vera then admitted that she had another pregnancy in the past, this time true, but it was not completed.

Miles did not hesitate to respond to Gwenda Gurria, daughter of Amedeo and Maria Teresa Rota. The actress, a former contestant on the fifth edition of Big Brother Vip, complained to Casa Chi about her “stepmother’s” behavior. Vera’s response is ready:

“But what is amazing? But do you have a mind? Stop being vulgar, moral, and a respectable fake! Back down to earth!”

Who is Amedeo Gurria’s girlfriend?

Vera Miales is 36 years old, and she became famous with fans because of her affair with Amedeo Gurria, which lasted for a few months. Vera sometimes works as a model but gets up every morning at 6 to go Working in a tobacco bar who runs it with his mother.

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Mialis has never married and has no children. Former sports reporter, before entering Casa del Big Brother VIPAssure him that he makes love five times a day with his girlfriend.