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"Exotic conventions inspired by the world of D'Alema" - Libero Quotidiano

“Exotic conventions inspired by the world of D’Alema” – Libero Quotidiano

Pier Carlo Padoan He has avoided disaster on the MPS and must look for those responsible for the bank’s problems in the inspiring alien agreements with the Dalemian realm in Apulia.” Maria Elena Bosque He sided with the former Treasury Secretary and attacked the former party secretary, after the new controversy over Monte dei Paschi di Siena. “Padoan avoided disaster in 2017. Those who destroyed it must be sought in inspiration of strange agreements with Banca 121 and the Dalemian world of Puglia, even the unfortunate Antonveneta operation. But unfortunately the history of banks in this country is told in only one way “, repeats AS Italia Viva.

La Boschi, in an interview with Journalism, also talking about Enrico Letta Filter in Siena. “I think Lita will win. After all, it is one of the safest colleges in the whole country. If I were Sienese, I would like someone with a leadership role to represent me in national politics.” With regard to reforming the justice system, he explained, “We made two different mediations, Only because the five stars changed their minds. Both agreed unanimously. If they change their minds now again, it is no longer our political problem but their credibility. The truth is that Bonafede repair Gone: Archived. With a joke I can say: proceeded.”

Regarding the alliance with the Democrats for future policies, he explains, “You have to ask the Democratic Party, not us. I still take my hand for Rome.” If the Democratic Party supported Kalinda Today it will be a completely different movie. If the Democratic Party regains clarity and abandons the illusion of grills, we can compete everywhere. As for the Bersani Speranza and D’AlemaThey should only be ashamed of the cheers at Leo’s party during that The workers insulted Draghi.”, and concludes with shooting at other left-wing allies of the Draghi government.

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