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Europeans, UEFA puts a rainbow in its logo.  Orban does not go to Munich

Europeans, UEFA puts a rainbow in its logo. Orban does not go to Munich

Interaction in color. Put the banner with the rainbow and attack the politicians who asked for it. UEFA wanted to try again to cover its eyes with the flag of neutrality, but that didn’t help. The European Football Championship has become a kind of international rights agreement. And it was his attitude that turned the football championship into another. Because you can decide not to decide, as you often did in the past, just think about the military salute of the Turks that winked at the genocide Rovaga, punishable by a fine of only 50 thousand euros. But this time it’s different: the desire not to offend a “partner” like an authoritarian government Urban The President of the European Football Association severin to prohibit lightingAllianz Arena From Monaco In rainbow colors, designed to send a signal of integrity against a discriminatory law. The gesture opened an authentic front with the entire continental political world, given that the Elysee, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, while the President of the European Commission sided against the UEFA selection. Ursula von der LeeThe law promoted by the Hungarian government was called “a disgrace”.

Arcobaleno logo no accusation

Surrounded by politicians and footballers, (the latter Georginio Wijnaldum, Captain Holland, who was just Budapest On Sunday, he will wear a headband with a rainbow heart and the words “One Love”) and UEFA fans decided to post the rainbow logo on their social profiles. So he tried to recolor his faded image. But he attacked the mayor of Munich who, by submitting a request to operate the Allianz Arena tonight, would have sought to provoke intolerant laws towards Hungary and unleashed controversy: “Due to the popularity of football, attempts are often made to exploit sports associations are populist choices – the president attacked Alexander Severin At Die Welt – “We don’t want to be used in populist initiatives, that’s the only reason we made this decision.”

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Urban will not be there

Urban it will not be Monaco to follow Hungary. A choice similar to the one he made on June 11 Recep Erdogan No-show at Olympique for opening tournament: Tensions with PM Mario Draghi It was fresh and not sewn with anything, because Turkey tried to parade the opening ceremony in Rome at the last minute. without succeeding. Thus began, with an international cause, the path toward the most politicized European in modern history. Then caught by another much discussed ban. “No” to Ukraine, which chose to inscribe two slogans on the T-shirt: “Glory to Ukraine” and “Glory to our heroes.” Phrases that Russia considered nationalistic, political demonstrations praising the street revolution Square – Which led to the removal of the former pro-Russian president Yanukovych The European Football Association called for his expulsion. Perhaps Putin and his union were more disturbed to see Ukraine’s borders represented including Crimea, a region militarily occupied by the Russians and annexed to a referendum that was not recognized by Europe. After that message, Cryfin forced Ukraine to remove the “Glory to Heroes” logo from its T-shirt because it was “obviously political and military in nature”.

Meanwhile, a clash between United kingdom Ed Europe on variable injuries. Who deceived the Europeans by publicly releasing Draghi, and then Angela Merkel: “The European final, better in places other than England, we need responsible measures.”

Europeans, rainbow exit: Germany – Hungary in a stadium without colors بدون

By our correspondent Maurizio Crosetti

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But the sovereign Boris Johnson Defuse the attack by ensuring more UEFA seats in the stadium, and therefore more tickets, and therefore more receipts. Ceferin chose which side to take: this put it in, From Urban, From Johnson and in the past Erdogan. not from Draghi, Merkel, von der Leyen. The teams are made: But to say that politics should remain outside the European Championship today is simply wrong.