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The Launch Vehicle Stage Adapter (LVSA) has also been added to the NASA SLS

The Launch Vehicle Stage Adapter (LVSA) has also been added to the NASA SLS

Connect the Great Association NASA SLS rocket Which will bring people back to color (In US intentions by 2024). Just a few days ago it was finished The second phase which planned to house the large base case (main stage) among the solid fuel boosters.

At these hours, too car phase converter launch The LVSA was positioned above the main stage resulting in the next (third) stage of the six in which the SLS assembly is split. time passes as NASA Being able to launch the Artemis I mission by November 2021.

NASA SLS and launch vehicle stage adapter assembly

Work is taking place at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida inside the famous and massive Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB). To be able to fix the component in the central stage, a hoist raised . was used car phase converter launch (LVSA) at a height of about 76 meters and then put it in the base stage.


LVSA It is nothing more than a real conical transformer which serves to join the central phase and the second phase is called ICPS (or temporary refrigerated payment stage). This component is necessary because the width of the second stage is smaller than the width of the first and it is also necessary to provide protection during ascent.

Once the LVSA is properly fixed to the primary stage of NASA SLS You can continue to the fourth stage. This involves the introduction and obstruction of ICPS. The latter is a secondary liquid hydrogen and oxygen engine that allows additional thrust for Orion capsule towards color.

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Above the ICPS, it will be necessary to insert another adapter (OSA, Orion Stage Adapter) which is used to join the rocket engine and spacecraft. Here the fifth step ends. Finally, the Orion capsule equipped with the emergency evacuation system must be lifted. With this step we will finish assembling the large vector. It will then be necessary to pass the examination phase Before lunch To ensure that the avionics and electrical systems, as well as the cabinets are assembled and working perfectly.

Only in an hour can the first Artemis mission be launched, which will bring with it a doll called Monekin (In the next few days he will get an official name). This will allow us to test the conditions in which astronauts will find themselves From the mission of Artemis II.