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A video has been released for the opening of the Jurong Mars Rover's canopy

A video has been released for the opening of the Jurong Mars Rover’s canopy

China Space Agency (CNSA) released a file New video about falling Rover Marziano Zurong. In the short sequence, we see the parachute used to slow the rover’s descent on the Red Planet unfolding into the weakened atmosphere.

NASA, just a few months ago, released a similar video showing the final stages From falling perseverance. This part of the landing sequence is very similar between the two roving vehicles although different due to the use of Sky Crane (NASA) or the probe (CNSA). In the case of the Chinese version, we do not know if there is a file “hidden message” Come In the case of perseverance Where it can be read in binary code “Dare Mighty Things” and JPL coordinates.

Video of Zhurong’s parachute opening on Mars

Because of the density of the atmosphere of the Mars, The the umbrella Used to take down roving vehicles, it must be opened when the speed is very high, at least Mach 2. This allows the structure supporting the rover (landing vehicle or ) to be slowed down Sky Crane) enough to allow the following stages to begin.


Opening of the umbrella of the Chinese rover Zhurong

Stages of landing on me Mars From Rover cinese Zhurong They predicted a separation from the orbiter Tianwen-1 125 km from the surface. Next, the protective capsule was self-balancing through some aerodynamic flaps that allowed it to get close to the landing area.

perseverance umbrella

Opening the parachute of the American persevering rover

The the umbrella It opened five minutes later when the altitude dropped to about 11 km (this is the stage shown in the short video). The parachute thus slowed the descent allowing the lower heat shield to escape. After another two minutes and at an altitude of one or two kilometers from Mars surface The canopy was separated from the rear structure, leaving Rover Zhurong docked on the probe.

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At this point, radar and cameras allowed it “to pick” The best landing zone is with a missile placed in the lower zone to balance the final stages of a landing that reaches a speed of about 1.5 m/s (vertical) and less than 1 m/s (horizontal). After 8.5 minutes, the landing Chinese rickshaw. We remember that in recent weeks, both the parachute (but also the rover itself) has been seen.Orbital Tianwen-1 From The MRO الأمريكي American Investigation.