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Covid, quando finiranno gli aiuti: le previsioni del ministro Franco

VAT numbers and transfers not prohibited: non-reimbursable aid for 5 billion is on the way

distance In a few days, transfers began with the non-repayable contributions allocated by the Sostegni bis Decree assigned to VAT numbers. The news came via a joint memorandum from the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Revenue Authority explaining this Nearly 1.77 million transfers were made on June 22 A total amount exceeding 5 billion euros.

(Who is the All information about who is entitled and on prices).

Total of 5.2 billion

These are automatic benefits directed to taxpayers who have already applied for the first bonus provided by the Sostegni Decree in March. In addition to these transfers, there are also approximately 38 thousand tax credits, for about 166 million euros, that are automatically recognized again to operators who have chosen this method of exchange. In total, there are more than 1.8 million beneficiaries of the new automatic contribution for a total of 5.2 billion euros.

The new automatic contribution is exclusively for persons with an active VAT number on May 26, 2021, the date of entry into force of the Sostegni bis decree, provided that the previous contribution has not been received or returned inappropriately.


The payments were due to start on June 16, the Economy Minister, Daniel Franco, also indicated. It is therefore possible that acceptance of supplemental contributions associated with the first three months of 2021 and aid (at higher rates) for those who have not submitted a Sostegni-1 application will likely be deferred. In this latter case, the initially indicated departure date was for today, June 23 but will be delayed by a few days.

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Going back to the automatic contribution, it is paid by the revenue agency in the same way that the beneficiary chose for the previous contribution. Therefore, if the non-repayable contribution from the first Sostegni decree is chosen for payment by postal or bank transfer, then the automatic contribution to the Sostegni bis decree is credited to the same bank or postal current account. On the other hand, if the use in compensation for the previous contribution is chosen, then the new automatic contribution to the Sostegni bis decree is also recognized in the form of a tax credit, which can be used for compensation on Form F24 with an indication of tax code 6941 established by decision of the Revenue Agency n. 24/E on April 12, 2021.