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Boxing, Magnese is ready: "America will see who the Lone Wolf is"

Boxing, Magnese is ready: “America will see who the Lone Wolf is”

“I train hard every day. But I’m ready for this new challenge before signing the contract over physiology and mindset. It’s a dream state and a fundamental step in my life. I want to win the championship belts. I think I can do it. ” Michael “Lonewolf” Magnese is ready to test himself at the boxing house across the ocean. He will bring with him the Super Puma Ipoh World Cup title he won at Fondi (LT) in November 2020, then confirmed at Zakarolo (RM) last April and recorded 19 wins in 19 matches played as a professional player. He was signed by Roman manager David Puccioni, owner of PPT Productions, and international advertiser Louis John “Lou” Tibella Jr.

Magnus’ climb will start with at least two matches, making his debut on the agenda in the first half of October in New York, the date and opponent will be officially announced soon. They will be ready for another World Challenge: “If they go well, we’ll be called back to a new big challenge with a world title, back in the United States. There are five acronyms, and Michael gradually aims to reattach all the belts. Alessandra Franco, wife and supervisor of Magnesia’s figure, explains that through the A&B event.

“I can only be proud of our boxer. His debut in the United States was confirmed once again many years ago. When we decided to focus on him, we were right. We knew he would reach certain levels,” said Roberto, a close friend of Lee Cinema Cafe The host, food and beverage chain, has long supported the path of the Lazio boxer.

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