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Emma, ​​Tidoa and the fairy tales of Sanremo: video together

Emma, ​​Tidoa and the fairy tales of Sanremo: video together

One sentence was enough, said for fun while doing so Interview, To set off gossip sirens around Emma Brown. “My last internet search? on I hopeBecause I met him last night and I did Impure thoughts», revealed the singer during the format At the Sanremo Festival. “In the sense you said.”Oh, my GodThen I wondered how old he would be. Like I searched for age We are Wikipedia».

He is 29 years old and she is 10 years older than him. “small. Or maybe I'm too old. “But I fell in love, and I admit it.” Open the sky: Despite the joke being told in a joking tone, fans suffered – and not just them The imagination began About a possible new love story. On the other hand, Tedua responded Didn't wait long: The rapper, actually, posted a story about Instagram Tag a colleague, and compete inAriston.

The gossip sirens started to sound Even stronger When a video of a party started circulating on social media, in which Emma and Tedua can be seen dance together, Very close. No kiss, but there seemed to be one between the two Huge collusion.

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I the conditionHowever, it became more obligatory than ever: neither Emma nor Tidoa did it She uttered a word In this regard. Although also Mara Venere Try to reveal something to him Sunday in“I see you so happy, so calm, another person Compared to Emma, ​​who I met some time ago,” the announcer told her. “Done Nice encounters? In my opinion yes, but he doesn't want to tell me.” Mouths remain closed, sirens of gossip Go crazy.

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