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“Communism Trembling”.  Then an apology to the Pope –

“Communism Trembling”. Then an apology to the Pope –

has seen First Pope Francis and then the head of stateSergio Mattarella, finally happened Palazzo talks to Giorgia Meloni for an hour in Sigi. Javier Milei, Argentina's new president, has also confirmed his full potential in Italy.

For example, at the end of a meeting with the Prime Minister, he delivered an apocalyptic message on X: “World communism trembles. One last look before the end of World Communism”, reads the post with an official photo of the meeting between the two held at the Palazzo Sigi.

After a conversation with Georgia Meloney, the following message follows along the same lines: A strategic alliance between Argentina and Italy, A common worldview and philosophy, led by Millay and Meloney, will be decisive for the security of the West.”

For Millay, an ultra-liberal, the West is in danger because, as he said in Davos a few weeks ago, it is too tied to “collectivist” models. Also in the interview Fourth RepublicAt Retequattro, that said “Communism is a disease of the soul.” and “more people want to use it”.

The opinion of the head of the government was very calm and firm: “It was a positive meeting in which we talked In the development of new partnerships In key sectors for our economies such as energy, infrastructure and agri-food. Italy and Argentina have deep historical and cultural ties We hope this will continue for renewed cooperation in various fields”. And in Retequattro, Milei said he has deep contempt for the state: I believe the government is the enemyA criminal organization, the only thing it does is tax private individuals.”

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The audience with the Pope lasted an hour, a record time longer than that given to his predecessors. There was a lot to talk about. Argentinian sources say Miley “asked for forgiveness” from Bergoglio after a hug (“Can I give you a kiss?”) at the end of Sunday's Mass. For insulting him during the election campaign, 'Non-mute', 'akin to murderous communists' etc. “I had to rethink some positions and we started to develop a positive bond,” he said on TV. Francis is a realist, “he knows this is an electoral marketing strategy and he talks to everyone,” summarizes Argentina's Cardinal “Ducho” Fernandez.

Instead, “we focused on it,” says the Holy See's note On the new government's program to fight the economic crisis”: Bergoglio worries about cuts in public spending and growing poverty, Millay explains his reform, and he finds the situation already sad. There is no mention of a trip to Argentina: the president invited him, but the Pope is 87 years old and is “turning” to go, perhaps at the end of the year, but he already has plans for Polynesia in the summer. It depends on his health.