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Elodie is unrestrained on Iannone, the naked body and the first kiss

Elodie is unrestrained on Iannone, the naked body and the first kiss

Romethat itMost listened to artist on radio and television In 2023 but also Italian pop star With over 2.3 billion streams: Elodie de Patrizi He does not want to stop, as he has now reached the pinnacle of success. In a long interview with Vanity Fair magazine. singer He told about the most hidden aspects of his daily life: Who nudity Until the first kisspassing through unpublished details about the relationship with Andrea Iannone.

Elodie: “With my body I do what I want”

People still get upset because I take off my clothes. Then I take off my clothes some more“, Confirms Pop singer Which then adds: “I’m taking off my clothes to say two things. the first: I do what I want with my bodyAnd I don’t sexualize it even though I could. Second: There will come a time when you get tired of commenting that I am in my underwear and talk about more important matters“. Elodie Then he reveals:Women are often afraid of the way I use my body, which is a form of freedom. They don’t understand the dignity of my choices. They think that this leaves no room for words, but that I am a speaking being. My desire to use my body like Rafaela Cara was dividing me. I had to argue, in the environment they wanted me to stay in, that I limit myself to making light music and that’s it“.

Elodie and her relationship with Iannone: “In love, I am a sergeant”

the singer It also speaks for itself love story With the Motorcyclist Andrea Iannone: “How am I in love? A bit of a sergeant, with my partner and with the guys around me. For every gesture that makes me sound the alarm about patriarchy, I demand explanations: “What does that mean?” I am certain that it can only be corrected by highlighting wrong attitudes day after day“.

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