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Holiday scam, before paying, check the notifications on your smartphone carefully: if you click one click, you will lose all your money.

Holiday scam, before paying, check the notifications on your smartphone carefully: if you click one click, you will lose all your money.

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Before proceeding with payment, we advise you to always check the notifications on your smartphone, as you may be a victim of a scam.

It’s certainly not the first time we’ve heard of phone scams. Unfortunately, in recent months, many Italians have reported being involved in scams that have caused them to lose a lot of money. The real problem is that unfortunately, it is very difficult to get your money back.

The scam is now going through different channels, and it has arrived SMS cOn links of questionable origin, emails, and sometimes even phone calls. In short, any excuse seems to be a good excuse for bad guys to trap hapless citizens.

Of course, defending yourself is not easy, if ever Stay informed About the ways in which the bad guys act to make the citizen fall into the trap.

With the arrival of June and the desire to go on vacation increasing, the villains decided to take advantage of the opportunity to carry out an operation A new type of fraud. There is no good news on the horizon for all those booking online. Scammers have allegedly used one of the most popular online booking platforms to defraud holidaymakers.

How does the booking scam work?

Booking is one of the platforms that citizens resort to They depend more on booking their holidaysAbroad and in Italy. It is precisely for this reason that scammers decide to use it to make profit at the expense of unsuspecting citizens. They call it a canceled reservation scam.

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The scammer will send a message in the booking chat, informing them that the booking has been cancelled. Then, through the link, the vacationer can follow the new payment. Unfortunately Recognize messagesOr that it came from a false sender is not easy at all, and unfortunately many still fall into the trap.

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Booking – Fonte_depositphotos –

How can we defend ourselves?

Therefore, it becomes important to know how to recognize a fraud attempt. The booking platform itself raised the alarm. She recommends doing a lot Pay attention to details, because only these can help you understand whether you are a victim of a scam or not. However, it is always possible to contact customer service to confirm.

So, it’s a good idea to be wary of messages that look alarmist, those that contain grammatical errors, or URLs that don’t look official at all. Only in this way can we protect ourselves from serious scams.