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Mara Vinier and Francesca Vialdini, Calm Returns: The Illustrative Encounter

Mara Vinier and Francesca Vialdini, Calm Returns: The Illustrative Encounter

For some time there has been talk of a climate consisting of tensions and hatred between them Mara Venier and Francesca VialdiniConfirmed (at least partially) a few days ago Submitted by Sunday in. There was never a quarrel between the two faces of Rai, but a series of gestures that found fertile ground for resentment and hostility.

On the occasion of the conference to present Radio Fener on the topic For the hate that seems to exist Between the two, he said, “I won’t answer because I don’t like controversy. Disagreements are made by others towards me. I don’t like controversy. I only talk about my work.”

The relationships between broadcasters They haven’t been known poets for a long time: Interviewed some time ago by What makes TV, fired Vialdini Digging on the colleagueThis confirms the fact that Venier never announced her show With us … Which will be broadcast shortly Sunday in. very frankly The presenter admitted that she had no explanation for this choice: “I don’t have a clue. But I just don’t know. What to tell you. I’ll stay on bales. I met her twice: once in the studio and once at the tables. So I’m not saying I did anything to her.” “.

To confirm the existence of a certain tension between Vialdini and Vinier curtain did not slip For the most attentive observers: During the thirteenth edition of the Biagio Agnes Prize – International Press and Information Award, a presenter presented Sunday in He left the stage Thus, avoid meeting the colleague. Nothing spectacular, but Mara’s gesture – who took advantage of a guest’s departure to leave the awarding of the Vialdini Prize to Alberto Mattano, co-host of the evening – sparked rumors of rifts between the two.

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but now Things will change, so that there will be a file meeting clarification between two conductors. As I mentioned TvBlog It could have given Mara Vinier and Francesca Vialdini a respite: the women were apparently meeting in the corridors of Fabrizio Frisi’s studios in Rome for rehearsals for their broadcasts.

The two will say goodbye and talk about starting their shows in a very friendly way, ending their conversation with a sweet hug. Then we put aside the differences of the past period, the two announcers are ready to rerun the new season on TV – with a decidedly quieter atmosphere than in the past.