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Ellie Schlein on Conte's roller coaster.  Insults and mockery on the way to alliance (melons on the windowsill) –

Ellie Schlein on Conte's roller coaster. Insults and mockery on the way to alliance (melons on the windowsill) –

Come on, he understood. If he understands you should. She's not stupid. Perhaps once upon a time a gang of gangs, as it was once said, A serious If you like, but never stupid. Indeed, Schlein's wits are sharp, otherwise she would not have been able to outwit those scoundrels who were in her party at the time. Principals.

And then it didn't take long to understand, Giuseppe Conte even put up posters. To travel part of the road together, he wants a notary's stamp If he wins, he will become the Prime Minister. Because he, like Churchill, brought us out of dark times. After all, he cannot do without it, because from it Crisis to withdraw from Palazzo Sigi Even Muccioli can't save you.

Ellie knows that, so it's more than she can handle supports himEven if he considers it Spoiled and arrogant. Even the pollsters told him in unison: Without at least numerically credible opposition, there was no point in letting Georgia Meloney flounder. So he is your chosen neighbor. You smile past him and say: “A good lunch!TO”. He answers you: “We hope you choke!”. It's been going on like this for a while now, that's all Ellie's Zen Master He, along with half of his party, told him: You can't go on like this, there are European elections, with proportionality, let's think about ourselves, and it wants us to die. Eventually even Schlein blurted out: “You respect us, Enough mysteriesIf he thinks he's insulting the Democratic Party instead of attacking the government, he's on the wrong track. But then as he chews bitterly, Job returns to the subject: «We will continue to work very closely together».

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There's a plan behind it, or at least a hope: voters will understand who they really want. Create an alternativee We will be rewarded in polls. Giuseppe Conte didn't believe it, and went down with the bat. He says the thought of the vast field gives him hives. Who does not belong to any organization and is not bound by treason. On the lame day Agreements for Territories He says it's not his fault that the Five Star movement in the area doesn't like Democrats. He doesn't want to know about the weapons in Ukraine. He calls Ellie a warrior And think about that road Trump is better than BidenDonald calls him Giuseppe.

And also Middle East Makes a difference. He did not follow Schlein over Roy because his party was hypocritical and sought seats in namefriendship. He alleges that they don't have a plan and are only targeting seats. Favoring indiscriminate immigration. He labels them the misguided environmentalists of incinerators. He argues with Meloni about ESM, but only to compete with those against it. Then smashing the alternative proposal and turning it into a mouthpiece: “The opposition, for us in the Five Star Movement, is not a problem.”

One then wonders: Is democracy the salt of the earth even healthy electoral competition? But the differences are big, not small, starting with foreign policy. That's what separates Pd and five stars, Populism and the Left, is it a political and cultural abyss, beyond the fights? Not that Schlein did not realize it, his thoughts here and there, which he could not utter aloud lest he should be crucified by the colonels of his party, were sometimes never far removed from Conde. yes, Giuseppe annoys herTrying to hold her nerve, she refuses him a little, but she tells herself: the convent is going to cook the alternative.

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Otherwise where do we go? From Calenda and Renzi Both earn six percent? And then, he says, they are certainly no less selfish than Conde. The other path, the majority-oriented Democratic path, throws it out from day one and says: “You can't represent everything and everyone, I want to recreate the left oneTO”. In short, the secretary tells himself that there are still three years to the political elections, and if suicidal impulses are excluded, an alliance against the center-right will be a mandatory path. Not without logic, as long as one guards against the Sollozzo syndrome.

The Democratic Party was also naiveSummer 2022When, to save Mario Draghi, Luigi Di Maio He split the five-star movement in an attempt to unseat Giuseppe Conte. He remembers it. It's a tough story to pull off, and the Democrats have to deal with it. When Sollozzo fails in his assassination attempt on Marlon Brando The Godfather And looking for shelter, everyone knows what Michael Corleone does.