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Weather, Snow 8 December 2021 In the Plains: Emilia Romagna.  Freezing warning

Weather, Snow 8 December 2021 In the Plains: Emilia Romagna. Freezing warning

Bologna, 6 December 2021 – Now it is official: expected a week ago. Forecast, It gets thereThe ice of immaculate fertilization‘. L ‘December 8In fact, the flat areas of the north by the scales and the various cities of the Bo Valley, including our provinces in the Emilia division.

An event due to the so-calledPatano pillow‘, Formed by the night and early morning temperatures, due to the filtered Arctic currents last weekend. An icy pillow – that is to say – will relax the chaos that comes on Wednesday, in turn attracting hot and humid currents from the south: the right combination, in short, favors snowfall to flat heights. .

Let’s now look at area-wise where we can see the white armor on the morning of December 8th. Self Tuesday 7 It will still be a sunny day – but the minimum temperature will drop significantly (from -3 degrees in the capitals to 0 on Romagna beach) – Wednesday will definitely be a gray day, with widespread rain across the region.

According to the Arpae (Regional Agency for Prevention, Energy and Environment) website, “Extreme levels of rainfall over the Apennine Ridge Strip and in the western part of the region will turn into fog in the provinces. Piacenza and Burma. In the remaining Emilion reliefs the snow will turn to rain during the day.

Beware of the so-called Jelicidio, Occurrence of frost rain: In fact, significant accumulations Ice In the Emilian Valley sites, especially between the provinces Modena e Burma. In Romagna, the temperature is higher, so it rains even in the mountains. All events will subside in the evening.

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However, winter tastes certainly do not end here: According to Arpae meteorologists, “between Thursday 9th and Friday 10th, weak snowfall is still possible in Emilia. Emilia will experience remaining volatile conditions. With good weather during the week “.

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