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Scossa di terremoto a Reggio. Sisma avvertito anche a Messina

Earthquake in Reggio. An earthquake was also felt in Regina in Messina

The recorded earthquake did not cause damage to property or fibula, a major fear

The quake was felt in Regio Calabria Every 10.52. The quake was also felt in parts of Messina and Sicily. It was a magnitude 2.9 earthquake.

The epicenter was reported below the ocean floor, at 8 km / h, according to the US Geological Survey. Territory of Pentamel, A short distance from the port of Reggio Calabria.
The quake was especially felt in the city of Reggio Calabria, where many residents took to the streets.
The shock was a kind of shock.

Obviously for the people of Reggio and the people of Messina, this is certainly not uncommon, Considering the high seismicity of the strait area And unfortunately, this part of Italy has set tragic precedents to face in the past.

The recorded earthquake did not cause any damage to property or people, only caused a great deal of panic. The media practice started in these minutes on the most used social networks.

However the magnitude of the quake was mitigated by the depth of the quake and the sea level.

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