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The house bonus: here they come in 2022!  Watch out for fraud!

The house bonus: here they come in 2022! Watch out for fraud!

As the financial maneuver reaches Parliament, the contours of government intervention in the construction bonus pool will be outlined. They actually exist Many privilegesPrimarily aimed at financing the renewal of Italian real estate assets. Renovations, earthquake safety interventions, and energy improvements are at the heart of the rewards that are about to change.

In fact, the Draghi government intends to transfer money Ranking among these bonuses, Reducing the lump sum and limiting the audience they can reach. In this way, it is ensured that the benefits go exclusively to those who need them, and not to those who still have the necessary resources Home renovation.

One of the major innovations the government would like to introduce, and which the parties strongly oppose, is the abolition of credit sale Hence for the discount on the invoice. This choice is also determined by the numerous reports of fraud, based on non-existent credits associated with construction bonuses. Talk about it in Interview with Sole 24 Ore Head of Revenue Agency Ernesto Maria Ruffini.

Home Bonuses, what they are and how they work through the end of the year

Real galaxy. From the rewards for seismic safety to those for garden remodeling, it’s hard to find your way around the many rewards and perks that support the development of the construction sector. This without looking at Super Bonus 110%, which deserve a separate chapter and account for the majority of construction investment in recent years.

If you neglect Superbonus, the most used feature and the Additional interfaces. In fact, it allows you to discount 90% of the interventions of reconstruction and renewal of the external surfaces of houses. It applies only to opaque parts, balconies, and facade decorations, but only those visible from the public areas, not those facing an inner courtyard.

Less convenient, but ordering the type of surgery it includes is much easier, it is restructuring bonus. This bonus is an improved version of the Standard Privilege, which provides a tax deduction for home renovations of 36% up to €48,000 in spending. Until December 31, 2021, the bonus percentage has increased to 50%, amounting to €96,000 of total spending.

The cisbonos Instead he is the only one who favors interventions for the safety of homes. Its amount varies according to the seismic zone in which the property is located, between 50% and 85%. However, there is a case where Sismabonus’ business respects the Superbonus’s limits of 110%, in which case the discount goes up to 110%.

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Environmental Reward Instead, it allows you to get up to 65% off on interventions that improve your home’s energy efficiency. It includes such interventions as replacing old fixtures or purchasing a more efficient boiler.

Among the least favorable rewards green reward, allowing a 36% discount on interventions for the green arrangement of private exposed areas of existing buildings, real estate units, vassals or fences, irrigation systems and the construction of wells. The maximum amount that the discount can reach is 5,000 euros.

Finally there Mobile RewardsAllowing you to discount the purchase of new home furniture by 50%. Large appliances are also included, but they must all be of a minimum power class A+. The maximum discount amount for 2021 is 16,000 euros.

Homeland Bonuses, which goes back in 2022

Each of these bonuses will have their natural expiration on December 31, 2021. Without further action, all these bounties will disappear, but the government intends to implement some extensions, albeit with different changes in the access procedures and the amount of rewards.

  • Bonus interfaces It will return in 2022 but its size will be limited to 60% of expenses, not 90%.
  • The Renewal Bonus It appears to be set to return to its original parameters, but has been extended instead. The discount will continue to reach 50% of total expenses until 2024
  • the same fate for seismic bonus, which, however, sees that the parameters of the Super Sismaponus change by 110%, which corresponds to the changes made to the Superbonus 110%
  • Also confirmed to 2024 without any particular changes Environmental Reward 65%, which will also cover all environmental interventions in homes that will not be covered by the 110% Superbonus from next year.
  • to me green reward Instead, only a one-year extension is envisaged. Unlike other bonuses, the expiration of this franchise has been postponed to December 31, 2022.
  • The end of next year will also be the deadline Mobile Rewards, which, however, sees that the maximum discount amount has been significantly reduced. In fact, it goes from 16,000 euros to only 5,000 euros.

At least these are the intentions of the government, which has included these extensions in the budget bill, which Parliament must now discuss. Moreover, the possibility to take advantage of the discount on the invoice through balance transfer also disappears in the draft. But at this point, it looks like the parties are ready for a courtroom battle.

Home Bonus, Superbonus 110%

A separate discussion is worth Super Bonus 110%. This massive facility, designed by Conte’s second government to relaunch construction after the pandemic, has proven to be a formidable vehicle for growth. Thousands of construction sites have opened across the country to modernize old homes that have been left behind in terms of energy.

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The figures speak of billions of euros in investments, which has led to the payment of The growth and recovery of the entire construction sector. However, there are some concerns about this bonus. It is clear that it is the homeowners who benefit, although they represent the majority of the Italian population, they are often more economically wealthy than the few who do not have their own homes.

The danger lies in digging a furrow between those in extreme poverty who do not own a home, and those who find themselves not only owning a home but being able to spend very little to increase its value dramatically. That’s why next year The criteria for accessing the 110% Superbonus will change drastically.

The Draghi government has in fact demonstrated that for interventions that will not be completed by 2022, the only interventions that will be able to benefit from the Superbonus will be Residential units and public homes. Villas and single houses will be excluded, as they often belong to a richer social class. Parties were able to make an exception to this rule.

If one homeowner has an ISEE of less than €25,000, he will still be able to access the Superbonus. This rule will be in effect until 2023. However, starting the following year, the Superbonus will see the discount drop from 110% to 70%.

Home bonus, is the discount on the bill?

But the battle in Parliament will focus above all on the discount on the bill. The government was willing to abolish the mechanism that allows you to transfer credit developed with the state through these bonuses, to get it from the company that runs it. Instant deduction functions equal to the bonus amount.

In this way, even those who did not have the necessary liquidity to carry out the interventions immediately, through which the state reimburses these facilities.

Balance transfer was the only way certain categories of workers could access construction bonuses. We are talking about those who adhere to the fixed-rate system, who have rents that come only from the rents for which the dry coupon is applied or who are unable. So without waiving credit, the number of those who can access the rewards will be reduced.

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Instead, both parties are pushing for an amendment to the Budget Code in order to retransfer credit for the whole of 2022 on construction bonuses. According to the main observers of parliamentary work, optimism flows from the environment about the success of this process. Although, it cannot be said yet that the return of the balance transfer and discount on the invoice will be confirmed.

House bonus, watch out for fraud

One reason for the government’s desire to de-allocate credit is that the authorities realized that this mechanism was used to defraud the state. The scam works quite simply: Firms inflate prices of all proportions, To then transfer the Superbonus balance to banks or financial agents.

The scam is simple, just raise prices or put up interventions that are not actually implemented, to be compensated by the state. If balance transfer is not present, this process will be much more difficult, Because repayment will not be made immediately, but only after 10 years.

The head of the Revenue Agency, Ernesto Maria Ruffini, sounded the alarm about the phenomenon. According to the data collected by the agency, it turned out well 800 million euros of non-existent funds, of the 19.3 billion that were disbursed in those two years by Superbonus. Ruffini in an interview with 24 single substrate It was clearly expressed:

“The legislator has specifically provided the possibility of transfer and deduction to allow those without financial means the ability to secure their homes, and to install a new and efficient heating system. But if behind the credit transfer system, fraud hiding which is not based on any construction work, then the landscape changes drastically.”

In essence, the state must assess whether credit transfer is appropriate, because it allows many people to carry out the work needed to make their homes’ energy more efficient and secure from a seismic standpoint, or if fraud risks make It’s all a big risk.

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