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"During the epidemic, I did not want to return to Juventus"

“During the epidemic, I did not want to return to Juventus”

For years he was one of the strongest strikers on the planet and today, after wearing the great shirts of River Plate, Real Madrid, Juventus, Milan and Chelsea, he is enjoying football completely differently than he used to.

Gonzalo Higuain Since September 2020 he is a player in Inter Miami And in an interview with ESPN Microphones, he admitted that he’s pleased to be in the United States.

“This is one of the best moments of my life. I am enjoying my daughter’s growth and I can spend more time with my wife. Finding peace of mind after my mother passed away was great. Previously there was more pressure because football is a jungle, today if I score a goal I can To go and cuddle my daughter. My parents, my brothers and my family are all happier. I enjoy a wonderful city, I can go out for ice cream. I am calmer and I do everything so that my family can no longer afford what they have had to endure for years.”

Higuain has returned from a very difficult year too and above all from a family point of view.

“I went back to Argentina and told my mother that I wouldn’t leave until she was healed. I fought for her, but she told me she would die sooner because she would see me leave what I love. I was about to quit football, but I kept playing for her. When the epidemic spread and I was in Argentina, I didn’t want to go back.” To Juventus, because it seemed to me to be an aberration that we continue to play despite the many deaths. In football, they don’t care about people’s lives, they made us play to keep the heads of people locked in the house occupied. I didn’t want to go back and was criticized from right and left, but this what I felt.”

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The Argentine striker recalled how players’ lives are also a life full of sacrifices.

People talk about millions and homes, but no one has ever given me anything. I started working when I was nine and didn’t ask anyone for anything. I spent Christmases alone, went to Russia for the World Cup the day after my daughter was born, and went back to Argentina when my mother fell ill. The player makes a lot of sacrifices.”


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