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Dubai, drones create artificial storms against the scorching heat

Dubai, drones create artificial storms against the scorching heat

The scorching heat wave doesn’t seem to stop at its peak 50 degrees A percentage that hits cities The United Arab Emirates. The environmental situation and climate cause a lot of damage, from catastrophic floods that hit Europe even severe dryness, as in the case of Dubai.

In this case, technology can be very useful. In fact, in the United Arab Emirates, since there is almost zero precipitation, it was decided Create rain artificially. This is a phenomenon rain clouds, or “cloud seeding”. In detail, rain is created Using drones that emit electrical discharges in the clouds. The idea is that the electric impulse helps hold water droplets and other particles together (making them heavier) to create new, larger clouds that have the potential to generate precipitation. The technology has been around for about ten years and has already been tested in Russia, China and the United States. These private drones release materials such as silver iodide and other crystal particles that have an ice-like structure.

These days, in the cities of the Arab Emirates are collapsing Strong thunderstorms with strong winds So much so that a hydrogeological criticality notice has been issued. Already in the spring, the UAE government has Tried new techniques The use of natural materials to increase precipitation through the use of drones.

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On Twitter, the National Center of Meteorology (NCM) said that most of the off-season rainfall in the UAE is the result of cloud seeding. In fact, cloud seeding operations led to an increase in precipitation ranging from 15 Al 35%, bearing in mind that the average rainfall in the country is about 42 mm per year is very low.

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