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First affected, monitoring is triggered

First affected, monitoring is triggered

In United States It’s a man Was admitted to the hospital To contract Monkey. That person, from Dallas, was contracted as the so-called Monkey B virus (PV) On a trip In Nigeria. The unidentified passenger flew from Lagos to the United States on July 8, landed in Atlanta the next day, and then boarded a flight to Dallas.

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This The second case In a few days. In China, In fact, Tuesday 20th July The first patient died The monkey suffers from the disease. The 53-year-old veterinarian from Beijing worked at the primary non-human research institute. That person, whose identity was not released, I blamed The first signs of nausea and vomiting A month later Separated the carcasses of the two monkeys, Early March.

Now, local health officials are standing by Daily monitoring Than 200 people in 27 different states, For fear of exposing the disease: Scholars worry about passengers on two planes.

Man – that is believed The first case Monkeybox in the United States since 2003 – has been in the hospital, but in a stable condition. No new cases have been identified so far. Monkeybox One Rare viral disease It is mostly found in the tropical countries of Central and West Africa: it is called the monkey box because it was discovered in 1958 in laboratory monkeys.

In humans, clinical features Similar to smallpox. In Africa, monkeypox is dangerous to 10% of people; Mortality from human pneumonia is about 30% before the disease is eradicated.

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