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Papa Francesco verso le dimissioni?

Pope Francis’ resignation? A sentence from the Pope did not go unnoticed … »

Pope Francis towards resignation?a Pope Francis’ sentenceDuring the Italian bishops meeting, It certainly did not go unnoticednot only for the Italian media, but also for the whole world. Pope Francesco He recently called for a nice change.

He also spoke about this during the General Assembly of the Conference of Bishops, which opened in the Paul VI Hall at the Vatican for the selection of The new head of the Independent Electoral Commission. In an interview with the bishops, the Supreme Pontiff, as reported by the newspaper RepublicAnd the immerse yourself in a sentence Sibelin on his resignation. In particular, referring to the knee problem that had been tormenting him for a while, he would have said so Instead of having surgery on him, he will resign.

Between jokes and requests to elect a chief cardinal, however, Bergoglio did not hide that he was angry From the way in which the CEI received its call to take a new course, it is more in line with the founding points of the Prelature. Will the Pope resign? Now, listening to the voices closest to the Pope, This hypothesis should be excluded.

the will to changeIn any case, it will not be limited to synods only. Also on the agenda is a delicate issue Fighting sexual assault by members of the clergy. Indeed, the Victims Committees are demanding that the Italian Church do like France, Germany and Spain, and form a commission of inquiry to investigate what happened over the years.