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Drake to EU: "The epidemic is not over, we need EMA reform"  "It is no longer possible for immigrants to have a duty to relocate"

Drake to EU: “The epidemic is not over, we need EMA reform” “It is no longer possible for immigrants to have a duty to relocate”

Sputnik, China vaccine is not enough – “We need a reinforcement and reform of the EMA”. As for vaccines, “the controversy is that Sputnik failed to get EMA approval and probably never will. The Chinese vaccine is not enough to fight the epidemic.” Mario Tracy underlined this at a press conference after the EU Council. “The epidemic is not over, we are not out yet. A few weeks ago the UK had more or less equal cases compared to France today. Today they are twenty times more likely, so the epidemic needs more determination, attention and awareness.” “We need to keep the pressure on the swaps high and we continue to do them. It is very important to immediately identify the development of new variants and infections. We are deploying a lot more,” Tracy said.

We need to give more powers to EMA – Tracy later responded to a question about how the announced EMA reform would work. “It’s very quick to say, but I’m raised this issue myself. There’s been a certain coordination. I hope that other agencies use it in other countries and think about the United States. “

“We need cooperation and transparency with Russia” – “Russia is an important player in the economic and political front, we can not engage in it, we must have an active dialogue. At the same time we must be transparent about wrongdoing, cyber attacks, espionage, misinformation, respect. Human rights. We need cooperation and transparency,” Mario said. Drake said he talked about the failed summit that the EU had given to Russia. “A meeting in the form of EU-Russia should have been attempted. I supported the need to do so because, rather than doubting their own power, EU nations should be proud of the strength they give when they speak together,” he said. The Prime Minister said. “Because the Nordic countries are so close to Russia, they have put this idea aside at this time,” he said.

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“For immigrants, it is not an understanding of relocation” – “My goal was not to get an agreement on relocation, it was a foregone conclusion
The agreement is convenient for us. “This is Mario Draghi’s paragraph on the point of immigration addressed to the Council of the European Union.

“Immigrants, what we heard was accepted” – Regarding the issue of migration policies, Mario Draghi said, “I am pleased to note the fact that everything we asked for was quickly accepted.”

“We need a comprehensive fiscal policy” – “The argument for maintaining a comprehensive fiscal policy is to focus more on investments – especially those that differentiate our society – so that we can target growth at a higher rate than before the epidemic.” The Prime Minister said that recovery investments “would increase productivity if done better, so a higher growth rate would ease the pressure on Italian debt”.

“There is no agreement in the banking union, it is good for us” – “There is no agreement regarding the banking union and it will not exist if it is to exist
Words that are unacceptable to us, “Draghi told a news conference.