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Minister Giovannini confirms his farewell to petrol and diesel cars

The countdown to . begins Gasoline and diesel cars In Italy: The Minister of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility, Enrico Giovannini, has confirmed that our country will bid farewell to cars with conventional engines by 2040.

TechTalk host to talk about technology, innovation and the future Minister Giovannini He expressed himself this way in relation to cars running on petrol and diesel: “In government we still think, there are countries in Northern Europe that have set limits for 2030, while others are until 2040. In July, the European Commission signal will arrive. We will decide soon, but I will say that 2040 is a deadline.”

Therefore, for the first time, the Minister has set a specific starting date on which the Italian mobility will be on its own Electrician: 2040. From this point of view, Giovannini declared, “manufacturers are on our side and are very fast” so that we move into a new era of zero emissions.

Subsequently, Enrico Giovannini also announced the arrival of New state incentives To renew the very old fleet of cars in our country: “We have to renew the fleet – the minister explained – because it is very old and has many abandoned cars.”

L ‘Italy So it is ready to be compatible with Europe’s proposal to stop petrol and diesel cars. Indeed, on July 14 the EU Commission will present a proposal to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 55% by 2030. Once the proposal is submitted, the ball will pass to the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union: if the dialogue is successful yes will see cars equipped with conventional heat engines “retired” .

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The idea of ​​fully mating electric mobility, abandoning diesel and petrol cars, has made its way into the hearts of many European countries. In Spain, for example, there is a plan in place that will be put into practice Heat-absorbing cars are prohibited By 2040. On the other hand, the UK aims to reach this milestone even earlier and has set a date for 2030.

Of course, car manufacturers have also been moving for some time to fully embrace zero-emissions mobility. One of the most active activities from this point of view is Audi confirmed that diesel and petrol engines will be discontinued from 2023House of the Four Rings will produce exclusively full electric models.