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Draghi now lashes out at EU: "We need a treaty on immigration"

Draghi now lashes out at EU: “We need a treaty on immigration”

At the end of the international conference on Libya, France, Italy, Germany, the UN. Mario Tracy Europe has won over immigrants: “The reconciliation of the Italian and French positions accurately reflects the reconciliation between the Libyan authorities: if we do not agree, we will not help Libya, which is the main reason why our positions are so close.“.

Speaking on the landing, the Prime Minister further said:We need to intervene and do something to deal with this situation. However, make sure to make these continuous landings in Italy Unsustainable condition, And the EU must find an agreement on this front, and we can invest more in Libya ourselves, spend more money in Libya to help Libyans make these migrations more humane. However Libya is also a passing country“Therefore, the Prime Minister mentioned it.”Libya’s third pillar of stability is economy, it is important to have a single budget, the central bank must be consolidated“.

One of the objectives of the International Conference on Libya is to hold elections on December 24. Emmanuel Macron confirmed: “The international community supports this calendar, which is important for the smooth running of the Libyan authorities in promoting the process in the coming weeks.“The Italian Prime Minister added:”We remember that Libyans want to vote: 3 million people have already registered for this election, so it is important that this happens.“Mario Tragi wanted to underline the presence of the Libyan delegation:”This is an important conference and I would like to thank the other Co-Chairs, especially the Libyans, for their presence in Italy. Italy has worked hard to make two things possible.“.

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The Italian Prime Minister added.The compromise of the Italian and French positions reflects the reconciliation of the Libyan positions. If you do not agree, you will not do good to Libya. Our positions have come very close“The axis between Italy and France will work not only in Libya, but on many fronts.”I will talk to Putin in the next few days“Emmanuel Macron said,”Will do the same“Mario Draghi. Key issues related to this Immigrant Crisis On the border between Belarus and Poland.