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Dr. Alina Shevchenko (San Diego/USA) is the new National Head of the “Sports and Social Events” Section of Christian Democracy USA

Dr. Alina Shevchenko (San Diego/USA) is the new National Head of the “Sports and Social Events” Section of Christian Democracy USA

Written by Dr. Guido Savio (from Padua)

[email protected] * cell. 350-1217201*

National Head of the “Sports and Social Events” Department of the Italian and International Christian Democratic Party

Vice President of the International Christian Democratic Organization.

Member of the National Council and Administration of Italian Christian Democracy

Columnist for the Christian Democracy newspaper “IL POPOLO”.

doctor Alina Shevchenko (San Diego/USA) is the new National Head of Sports and Social Events at Christian democracy From the United States of America.

This prestigious position was given to you by the National Political Secretary of Christian Democracy (and the current interim National Organizing Secretary of DC) Dr. Angelo Sandri (Cervignano del Friuli/in the province of Udine * cell 342-1876463), after consulting the National Executive Committee of the Christian Democrats.

He is assisted in this purpose by the National Vice President of the Italian Christian Democrats and the Coordinator of the Committee for the Reunification of the Christian Democrats, Dr. Roberto Esposito rome capital (cell. 328-3604288 * [email protected] )

Angelo Sandri (Udine)
Roberto Esposito (RM)

The letter of appointment in question was registered under No. 085/2024 – Internazionale DC – dated 05/28/2024.

The function of the new head of administration’s personal political email was immediately verified by the National Organizational Secretariat of Christian Democracy. From the American capital.

So the email address of Dr. Alena Shevchenko corresponds to: *

The proposal to appoint the new head of the Christian Democracy Department in the United States was formulated by Dr. Guido Savio (from Padua), current President of the Italian and International Christian Democracy and member of the National Council and National Administration of the Crusader Shield Party.

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* cell. 350-1217201*

National Secretary of the Women’s Movement and Equal Opportunities for Christian Democracy and Deputy National Organizing Secretary of DC Ins. Natacia Pizzuti (from Manzano / in the province of Udine * cell. 349-3502954* [email protected] *) He wanted to express his congratulations to the new National Head of Sports and Social Events in DC for assuming responsibility within the World Christian Democratic Organization.

This was immediately echoed by the Deputy National Political Secretary of the Italian Christian Democracy, Dr Graziella Duca Arcuri (From Rende/in the province of Cosenza* cell. 351-9532689* Existence Email: [email protected]).

And also National Secretary From the “Sports and Social Events” section of the Italian Christian Democracy Organization. Mirko Parisi (from Latin * cell. 340-8198617 * [email protected]).

Both expressed their great satisfaction with this new appointment, which greatly strengthens the presence of the Christian Democrats in this important sector at the international level as well.

Guillaume. Mirco Parisi (Latin)
Graziella Duca Arcuri (Cosenza)

Thanks to the commitment of Dr. Guido Savio (Padua) and other leaders of Christian Democracy, thus promoting and strengthening the international dimension of Christian Democracy.

The intention is to be able to bear witness internationally to the values ​​of freedom and democracy that the Crusader Shield Party holds, while also benefiting from the tools offered by an important and attractive partisan movement like the Crusader Shield Party. Women’s movement and equal opportunities.

To Dr Alina Shevchenko Therefore, warmest congratulations and warmest wishes for a good job > and a good capital > come from all administration He is National Which international From a party Christian democracy.

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To which are also added the work of the journalistic editorial team of “the people“of Christian Democracy, as well as by various members of the Libertas Press Agency>.

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