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Patch 1.08 Available for PS5 and PS4 (Updated) -

Patch 1.08 Available for PS5 and PS4 (Updated) –

In these minutes, Polyphony Digital has published a file patch 1.08.0 to Gran Turismo 7 For PS5 and PS4, with game servers still showing up Offline onlinePractically a day and a half from the start of yesterday’s scheduled maintenance.

Update: In a long post on the official Gran Turismo 7 website, Kazunori Yamauchi explained why the servers are not connected and why some of the race rewards have been changed.

Update 2: Gran Turismo 7 servers are back online again on PS5 and PS4.

At the moment, the official notes for the update of version 1.08 of Gran Turismo 7 are not available, but we will not fail to update the news as soon as there are accurate details about it. According to MP1ST reports, the update weighs 354 MB.

Gran Turismo 7

According to reports published on the network, the update appears even after it is downloaded and installed Unable to connect to servers From Gran Turismo 7, which is still offline. This thus means that most of the game’s content is not accessible, even the single player modes.

However, the release of Patch 1.08 bodes well for the fact that Polyphony Digital was able to identify and solve the problem of a previous update that forced developers to shut down Gran Turismo 7 servers for several hours.

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