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Discovery Plus and HBO merge into a new giant

. related news merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery, after Warner Media was sold to Discovery by AT&T; The group was born from the merger of two American entertainment giants Discover Warner Bros.a giant with all the credentials to be able to make a big sound in the entertainment scene.

This is not the first time that two separate entities have decided to join forces or important groups decide to expand by purchasing smaller fish (Or a very big fish like when Disney bought Fox): As a result, many very fierce sides are created that will compete with each other but, inevitably, put the end user in crisis to sign up. back to Warner Bros. DiscoverySome news has emerged about how the newborn group is managing the merger of the already existing streaming services, HBO Max And the Discover +.

HBO Max + Discovery +

Yesterday the newly formed company Discover Warner Bros. Officially announced that its streaming services HBO Max And the Discover + It will be merged and launched as the new Unique streaming service in the United States in the summer of 2023. According to the company’s top management, the union of the two services into one broadcasting service was the only way forward, since it would allow them to reduce the so-called dropout rate From both services, a lot of HBO Max how many Discover +.

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The new service that will emerge from this merger will provide subscribers with a richer offer or, to name a few, GB BeretCEO and Head of Global Broadcasting and Gaming Discover Warner Bros.with somethingFor everyone in the familyThese two services will cease to exist but will not completely disappear, and therefore: they will each have the opportunity Compensate for for the other shortcomings.

HBO Max Offer a catalog Solid But often suffers from technical problems during Discover + It offers a seamless technical experience but has a more limited catalog; In fact, it targets different types of audiences, has completely different contents in its catalog and has the ability to make a really complete package.

The unique broadcasting service that will be born inSummer 2023 It doesn’t have a name yet, but the entertainment giant will aim to offer subscriptions to both Premium version from version Supported by ads: between the two copies as confirmed directly WBDThere will be variations in the content available.

It will also arrive in Italy

The new single service will be launched, as previously expected, in United State during summer 2023: Once the platform achieves some stability in the US, the entertainment giant will look to expand into other markets. According to some forecasts, it could be Latin America in the second half of 2023, Europe (Italia included) toearly 2024 and in Asia in the middle of 2024.

The service should also reach Italy, so, even if there is still some time between now and the beginning of 2024: when it is Bel Paese’s turn, in fact, the group Discover Warner Bros. She will already have more than a year of experience managing her huge catalog and subscribers for the new unique service that will be born.

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Moreover, from June 30, 2022 sky And the Discover Warner Bros. They signed an agreement to cement their multi-year partnership, even if the projected term is currently 12 months to allow the newborn entertainment giant to breathe in its transition. Sure, given the powers that be, more news will soon emerge and no one who’s unprepared when it comes to being serious won’t be caught.